Athena & Arlo – December 2016

The two tiny terrors are reigning supreme this month. They are as thick as thieves, with shenanigans such as:
  • Climbing shelves in the living room to get to my nail varnish (Arlo) then opening the bottles (Athena) and using them to decorate their hands, their table and the floor (thank god we were having the carpet replaced anyway!)
  • Opening a pack of Lebkuchen biscuits and smushing them into the sofa together
  • Basically flinging all the bath water out of the bath and all over me and the floor
  • Getting in the fridge (Athena) and getting out yoghurts for them to enjoy (aka get everywhere) when I am in the shower

There’s probably more too but I’ve blocked it out! In a way I am super glad that they seems to be getting on better as the months go on, with Athena still being really caring with Arlo. But I do think that one day soon they will really be able to gang up on me, I’m a bit worried! For now though I’m enjoying watching their relationship develop, and catching them giving each other little cuddles and kisses just naturally just gives me all the feels!


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8 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo – December 2016

  1. Yep, this all sounds very familiar!! We have daily disasters with food being spread everywhere or my make up being played with etc etc. Your two sound just like mine and I can confirm, it only gets worse as they get older! Haha xx

  2. I love to watch sisters and brothers like this. I think your daughter just love your son because she needs a player. Same also with your son, he needs player also and he is just happy seeing his sister. Kids are like that, my son is like that too. He loves to see many kids, and when he noticed that there are new kids, he really stared and smiled at them. I think that is the way kids being friendly. Anyways, your children Christmas outfit is so lovely. One thing I liked about the kids is that they wear cute outfits.

  3. Oh my gosh. These two are so cute and adorable. Both of them seem very naughty. I’m sure they often give their mom a hard time.

  4. Oh my! It sounds like they really have been getting up to mischief! I have a feeling that once Gabe starts understanding a bit more Toby realises he can lead him astray they’re going to get up to all sorts but for now it’s not too bad in our house 🙂 #siblings

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