Athena & Arlo – December 2017

It’s been a huge fail on the ‘get a nice set of siblings photos’ this month, so this is a collection of photos from our weekend away last week and two are phone photos so awful quality!
Anyway, these two are still close as ever, welcoming each other after school with hugs and sometimes if Arlo is in the buggy Athena and he hold hands, which makes pushing the blimming thing tricky! When Arlo hurts himself Athena will give him a cuddle or stroke his hair, which is so lovely. Of course there are still lots of little bickerings happening, as there are with any siblings I’m sure!
Athena and Arlo December 17
They do seem to be quite entertaining to other people too, like when they’re chasing pigeons and seagulls in parks, or at family parties when they hurtle around big posh houses when everyone else is attempting to enjoy a lovely afternoon tea! Another favourite was sliding together off the slippery leather chairs in the entrance hall!
Athena and Arlo December 17
But they loved sleeping right next to each other in the hotel, holding hands as they drifted off to sleep… I hope they’re always close!
Athena and Arlo December 17
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