Athena & Arlo in June 2018

Another month of closeness from these two. It does make me wish a little that I had a sibling to be so close to growing up! These photos were taken right at the start of the month during half term and they’re only from my phone as my camera was off being repaired but I love them just the same!

Athena has taken to doing a ‘pose’ every time I point a camera at her (one hip out, arm cocked at her side, you know the type!) but she and Arlo was just messing about in the New Forest for these so I managed to capture them being normal! Well, as normal as they ever are!

Still thick as thieves for the majority of the time they’re often causing mischief together! Arlo is sad that he didn’t get another birthday when Athena turned five last week, and was also most put out that he didn’t get to open her presents either! BUT she has been very good at sharing her gifts with him, letting him use her new pens and giving him one of her new ponies to brush its hair!

I really am thankful that I bashed two kids out so close together sometimes!

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7 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo in June 2018

  1. They really do look very close! My husband is an only child and we often talk about how he wishes he’d had siblings, he loves watching our three together (though the noise drives him mad!)

  2. My husband is an only child and he was desperate for us to have more than 1 child, that is why we had them close together. He loves to see them together, even if he sometimes doesn’t understand the dynamics of siblings x

  3. ‘Bashed two kids out’ hahaha. I feel the same as I’m starting to see mine grow closer. Those early days were tough, but I think they will be well worth it over the years xx

  4. they really do look like best buddies. My boys are 4 years apart but great friends too and I see it as one of my greatest parenting responsibilities to ensure they continue have a close connection.

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