Looking after my face in my thirties

I feel like I am starting to look my age, along with the odd grey hair, including one in my right eyebrow, I am starting to get wrinkles on my forehead and between my eyes, although I think these are because I spend so much time frowning with a tensed face without realising it when I am working! I also used to use sunbeds when in my 20’s for a couple of summers which probably didn’t help my skin. This is my natural face in the summer, freckles and all…

I want to try and make sure I look after my skin, after all it’s the only one you get! I remember my mum telling me (via email, it was the first one she ever sent me!) to always moisturise my face and neck, no matter what time I went to bed and it’s stuck with me. I’m not fussy about the moisturiser I use but I have also added a serum or oil to my evening routine too, just for the added benefit! I also bought a BB cream with spf protection too which I am trying to remember to put on in the mornings for a bit of added security against the sun. Of course if we’re on a day out in the sun then I’ll use sunscreen on my face, arms and chest too.

Also for the last month I have been taking Colladeen Visage tablets each day too, which are formulated to:

  • Improve Skin Firmness
  • Reduce fine wrinkles
  • Increase Sun Protection
  • Reduce Spider Veins

colladeen visage review

The tablets have lots of anthocyanidins (found in fruits and seeds etc) which are known to protect and preserve the body’s natural collagen. I’ve been taking the tablets for about three weeks and feel like my skin, especially on my face was a lot more ‘elasticy’ and some fine spidery veins around my nose didn’t look as strong or red, which was a nice surprise! As my wrinkles only really appear when I laugh or frown I can’t really report on whether they’re reduced but they’ve not got any more obvious either! Although the Colladeen Visage tablets do increase the skins natural protection from the sun you should still use an SPF protection, but so far no sunburn even on the days I didn’t use any- though I’ve not spent prolonged periods of time in the sun yet this year, sadly! They also contain vitamin C.

The pills are fairly large and you take two tablets with food once a day. I’ve been taking mine with lunch which is when I take my multivitamin and iron tablets, and haven’t had any side effects. Each packet has 60 pills, and cost £18.95 for a months supply. They’re suitable for vegetarians, are wheat and gluten free too.

I feel like I’ve made a good start on looking after my skin, especially as I start heading towards my mid thirties (eek!) and hoping that the damage hasn’t already been done!

What are your go to skin care solutions for looking after your skin?


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