Athena & Arlo – June 2016

There’s not been a great deal of change in the relationships between my two siblings this past month. Athena has been a little irritable over the last couple of weeks as she’s been ill and when Arlo has clambered over her she’s pushed him off her a few times, when normally she’s quite accepting! However a few times he has hit her back which came as a bit of a surprise to her! Not hard of course, but enough that I know he’s slowly starting to assert himself against her! I’ve spent his whole life telling her that one day soon he will be as big as (or bigger!) than her and will start to defend himself against her (sometimes unprovoked!) attacks!

Having said though they are mostly very nice to each other, and although they’re not at the right stage to be playing properly together with each other, they like to play near to each other which is lovely to watch! Athena does try and involve Arlo in her make believe games even if he’s not got the foggiest idea what she’s on about! At some point soon I need to start thinking about setting her room up for him to sleep in, starting with naps (if I can ever get him to not nap on me!) as they will eventually be sharing a room!
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