Mama loves: ToTs Changing bag


I do love a bag with lots of pockets, so when I was sent the gorgeous TotsBaby changing bag in the Infinity style I wasn’t disappointed! Not only does it have lots of pockets but it has backpack straps too, add to the fact that it is purple and it ticks all the boxes!

A lovely feeling, slightly quilted fabric with a small colour coordinated Tots badge just on the front flap this could easily be used as a bag without the kids in tow. Two insulated side pockets mean that I can pop each kids drink in and I (and they!) can get to them easily when we’re out and about and they stay cool in this warm weather. On the front there is a long zipped pocket that has a key chain inside as well as a smaller pocket and I use to keep my purse, keys and pen etc. Just above that under the logo there is a hidden pocket and I keep my emergency £20 note in there safe from prying little toddler hands! The material is also water repellent, which is always helpful with our will it/won’t it rain weather, and is machine washable but I’ve not had to test this out yet.


Inside there is a removable pouch that poppers in on both sides, I use this for a change of clothes for both kids rather than nappies but I imagine keeping nappies and wipes would be what most people use it for as it can be taken to changing rooms whilst the rest of the bag stays attached to your buggy. There is also a separate insulated bottle holder, I use that for keeping frubes and yoghurt covered raisins cool (have you ever experienced the mess that is a box of melted yoghurty raisins? not good!)


I love that the bag has a variety of carrying options, a shoulder strap (which is long enough to go across-body) as well as the rucksack straps, twp carry handles at the top and then the option to attach to the buggy with two detachable clips) which I leave looped round my buggy handles so I can attach the bag as and when I need to. It also matches the purple of my buggy pretty well too!

There is a changing mat included in the bag, as well as a dust bag for storage when needed. The changing mat is a bit naff, just wipe clean white thinly padded mat but Arlo is big enough to change standing up now when we’re out and about so it isn’t an issue for us. The only other thing that could be improved is that the rucksack straps don’t go long enough to accommodate my (admittedly very tall and broad) husband comfortably. He can get it on but not lift his arms as freely as he would like! Thankfully he tends to push Arlo in the buggy when he has the kids so he just attaches it to that and for a more normal sized person it’d not be an issue.


There are a few different styles of bag in the new range, all available in this colour, a gorgeous and very classy looking grey melange and a deep blue. You can view the full range of toTs by SmarTrike bags on the Smyths website.

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