Athena & Arlo – March 2018

My kiddos doing what they love best… and what keeps them out of my hair the most; hurtling around outside! It does make it really tricky to get a good photo though, as Arlo hates to stand still for more than a millisecond and if you dare ask him to smile, or have a cuddle with Athena for the camera then the grump face comes out in full force. We spent a weekend away last weekend and they were mostly thick as thieves, or attempting to piss each other off so much that they need parental intervention to split them up.

athena and arlo March 18

I did see them giving each other a lovely unprompted cuddle though yesterday before Athena left for school, with Arlo demanding a ‘kissy on the lippys’. It’s times like that that I am so pleased we had two kids, as an only child I never had a sibling to snuggle on the sofa with or get a cuddle from when I feel over or was scared, like Arlo does with Athena.

I also wish that they’d stop chatting for ages and ages at bedtime and just go to sleep! Athena will be Arlo’s spokesperson and bellow my name when she thinks Arlo needs me, which is endearing but irritating as often he doesn’t need anything!

athena and arlo March 18 athena and arlo March 18

But they love each other, and I love them and that’s what’s important!


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