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The Fisher Price 3-in-1 Projection Mobile has been lulling us all to sleep recently… well the three of us who sleep in the same bedroom anyway!

The mobile is designed to grow with your baby from birth upwards, it’s a motorised mobile that has 3 audio modes, a light projector than can be removed and used on its own, plus it can be used as a pram toy with a clever attachment that you can clip on to the hood of your stroller.

The three audio modes last for 30 minutes each, and if that’s not long enough then there is a little remote that you can use to restart the sounds/movement if needed without having to go right over to the cot, you can just point it through the gap in the door! The three sound options are lullabies, nature sounds and white noise so something to suit most babies I would think! Currently as Arlo is sleeping in our room we’ve not needed to use the remote, as he’s right next to the bed but the remote can be hung on the door handle so all you have to do is crack the door open a bit, point and press! That way you don’t gave to go right into the room, potentially winding up your baby when they realise you’re not going to pick them up for example!

Attaching the Butterfly dreams mobilet  to the cot is simple, and it should fit most cots using the sturdy plastic strap and hook fastening. Sam had to do a bit of clever fiddling to get it to attach to the round wooden rod that forms the end of our bedside co-sleeper but your average cot or crib side wouldn’t have rounded edges! Assembly out of the box took about 5 minutes, it’s obvious where everything goes without needing to read the instructions, but you will need batteries for both the mobile itself and the remote. We’ve been using the mobile on and off since Arlo arrived, so around a month and there is no sign of the batteries running down at all yet!

The bear-butterflies (bearerflies? butterbears? hmm…) slowly rotate giving something for baby to focus on too, and as they get older to reach towards. Arlo has probably reached the age where he can focus on them, but reaching up towards them is perhaps a bit too advanced at his delicate age of 4 weeks old!

The projection function (which comes off the top of the mobile can then be used as a standalone light show) displays a delicate starry night pattern on the wall and ceiling, something which I found hard to capture on camera but it gives off a gentle glow that would work really well as a night light for older children, especially once toilet trained to see their way from their bed to the door for example.

Now personally I’m not too sure about using the mobile part as a cot toy, purely because from experience with attaching anything to the hood of the stroller with Athena meant that it got pulled right off and then flung onto the pavement, but other peoples offspring may not be so destructive!

 The mobile costs around £39.99, which isn’t a bad price for something that you could potentially be using right up until school age as a night light!

We were sent the mobile for the purposes of this review, all opinions and words are my own.

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