Bluestone: What I’m looking forward to

In just under two weeks time I will be heading off to Bluestone Resort in Wales, with Sam and the babies (I will stop referring to Athena as a baby when she hits 2… maybe!) and our lovely good friends and their daughter too. I cannot WAIT! A few people have likened maternity leae to holiday, not these last few weeks that’s for sure! A change of scenery will do us good, and Athena will be over the moon to spend a whole week with her daddy, who is clearly her favourite person in the world!

I am looking forward to:

Woodland walks around the resort

Watching Athena have fun at the soft play indoor adventure centre

Popping in to see my friend on the way to Wales so she can meet Arlo and we can have a catch up

Chilled out evenings with our chums, home cooked meals and a few dinners out!

Stopping off for the night before we arrive in Port Talbot, though all 4 of us in a hotel room may be interesting!

Splashing about in the Blue Lagoon water park, where Arlo will have his first swim! Konfidence have very kindly sent us some swimming costumes too, and Arlo starts swimming lessons the day after we get back too!

Seeing a few other bloggers there too, including Donna & Becky!

What I am not looking forward to:

Packing the car with everything we need for a week away for two adults (one who is bigger than average so has giant clothes, one who is a notorious over packer) and a toddler and a newborn! Someone tell Sam he doesn’t need to bring his long-board with him?

I loved the posts from Rebecca on her blog Meadow Daisy (click here for her posts) and Emily from Emily & Indiana (see her post here) so can’t wait to be there myself!

2 thoughts on “Bluestone: What I’m looking forward to

  1. You’ll have an amazing time, I’m jealous and would love to go back haha :). Good luck with the packing, you forget how much a newborn needs so I don’t envy you there ;). Thanks for the mention too 🙂 xx

  2. Ooo this is where I live (about 10/15 miles away from Bluestone). Pembrokeshire is lush you will have such a good time esp if weather is nice. You have to take a trip to Folly Farm, your little girl will love it there. Enjoy!! We’re off to Cumbria for two weeks on Sunday and am not looking forward to the packing and cramped car from all Evelyn’s ‘stuff’ lol

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