Baby Loves: One Man Band

ambi toys one man band

We’ve absolutely loved being Ambi Ambassadors this year, and today I have our final review to share. It’s the One Man Band, a funky little musical dude.

Featuring all the bright colours we’ve come to know and love from Ambi he has a drum for a belly, a bell for a hat, he click clacks as you move him on his feet and he has a kazoo too! Arlo hasn’t mastered that part yet but boy has his sister! It’s her favourite noise maker for sure! Watching Arlo’s face as he discovers how to make new noises is just wonderful, it’s a great toy for learning actions and consequences!

The One Man Band is sturdy, and can withstand being flung around, bashed to make noise and has also been chewed a fair bit by Arlo! As with all our other Ambi Toys he’s still in tip top condition despite being manhandled by my two little terrors! He retails at £14.99

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