Today is my first day back at work at my ‘day job’. I was lucky enough to have thirteen months off with my first baby (working till the week before and then some holiday) but this time I was only on statutory maternity pay and therefore after 9 months the money ran out! So Arlo is 10 months old and seems so much smaller than Athena did even though there is only three months difference. 

We’re actually really lucky that in the UK we’re able to take a full year if that’s what we’d like to do, so many other countries have a far smaller entitlement than that! We’re also able to request flexible working hours in the UK which is ideal to fit around childcare, or to share childcare with a partner which is what Sam and I are doing.

I’m also lucky that this time round I will be working at the same place as my husband Sam, we worked for the same company before but at different locations, both a half hour commute from home. Now though we’re both working a twenty minute walk from work which means that I’ll be doing an early shift, he’ll bring the kids to me at work when I finish and I’ll take them home leaving him working! It’s not ideal for them but it means we can save a days childcare costs for both children, a position that many are not lucky enough to be in.

The online meeting site has produced this infographic which actually has some surprising stats in it! Sweden seems like a good place to work, longer holiday allowances and shorter working days!


Post produced in collaboration with Go To Meetings, all words and opinions are my own.

One thought on “Back to work

  1. Interesting infographic!
    I hope your first day back at work goes well and although it’s not idea, the way you have your shifts sorted sounds a good solution.

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