How far can your baby see?


As Arlo turns one soon I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing about when he was a tiny newborn, completely reliant on me for everything. He couldn’t hold things, feed himself or even see very far!

Now he’s crawling all over the place, cruising round the furniture and reaching underneath the sofa for things that either he or his sister have flung under there. So it surprised me when I did the Vision Direct interactive Baby Sight tool and found out that at ten months he’s still not seeing things 100% in focus all the time. People and objects will be in focus when they are close to him but things in distant corners of the room or further afield will still be slightly blurry.

I had a squint and astigmatism when I was a child, and had to wear an eye patch over one eye for a few hours after school to help to correct it and although at the time I hated it I am really happy my parents took me to the optician early on to help get it sorted. I was referred to an eye hospital in London and now although I have a pretty naff field of vision in my left eye I don’t need to wear glasses, although I am overdue for an eye test actually! So for me the eye health of my children is really important, and registering them at the opticians and taking them for their first eye tests when they’re around three unless I think there is a reason to take them earlier.

The tool lets you choose your baby’s age and gives you an image of how they see the world as well as information about their eyes at that stage plus also some really helpful developmental tips. Also, apparently their eyes are more or less the colour they’ll be as an adult by this point! So his baby blues should stay that way! Click the image below to learn more about your baby’s eyesight:

Baby Sight

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