Bath time fun with Nuby

Bath times are the fun times in this house, Athena loves water and would happily stay in the bath till the water was cold I think! She’s a funny little thing and prefers to stand rather than sit down, and marches up and down the bath pulling shampoo bottles (and the toilet roll once!) in to play with. We used to have a selection of squirty bath toys but had to slowly get rid of them one by one as the insides turned a funny colour which I assume meant there was a build up of gunk in them and didn’t want any of that squirting out! So with the bath toy stockpile diminishing when we received an awesome bundle from Nuby we were both pretty happy!

We were sent three of their new range of bath toys, all aimed at 18 months plus, you can view the full range of bath toys for all ages here.

Kissy Fish – These two fishy friends swim back towards each other in the water (or out of it in fact!) and the favourite thing to do with them is to grab their connecting string to stop them actually reaching each other (with a look of glee on her face!) I can imagine that in time the string might get a bit soggy, or that the fish might retain some water and end up looking a bit discoloured like most toys that water will inevitably get in, but after three weeks of use so far so good at the moment!


Fishing Friends – A plastic rod and line with a hooked end to ‘catch’ the three animals, a duck, a turtle and a fish. Generally we fish the animals out of the water and Athena takes them off the end of the line and flings them back in, and then the process is repeated (numerous times!) Another plus of this toy is that we can now say ‘Duck’ (Well, almost!)


Scoop and Spin – This is one is my favourite, and I admit I often absentmindedly find myself playing with it in my own baths! Scoop the water up and then watch it cascade downwards making the spinny things spin before it squirts out of the bottom… hours of fun!

Everything is well made, sturdy and definitely withstands being flung around in the bath (and often at the tiled floor of the bathroom too!) and after almost 3 weeks of use at least every other day everything is still in perfect working order! Bright colours mean that these toys are now seen as more attractive options than my myriad of shampoo and shower gel bottles too, which is nice!


And lastly here is Athena sporting her Catch-all bib, which is wipe clean, foldable and has a pocket to catch the bits that will inevitably escape on the way to the mouth, and her insulated Cool Sipper beaker, which is perfect for keeping drinks cool, especially on long hot car journeys! It’s also easy to take apart to clean too, always a winner in my (lazy) book!

All these bath toys, plus a huge range of breastfeeding, drinking, teething and grooming products are available on the Nuby website or at Boots, where they are part of their 3 for 2 offer, just in time for Christmas present buying time! Have you got any Nuby favourites for me to check out?


Thank you to Nuby for sending us some of their range, all opinions are my own and unbiased.

16 thoughts on “Bath time fun with Nuby

  1. Oh cute pics! She looks like she’s having a good time with the toys though! Will keep an eye out for the boot deals, perfect for my nieces!

  2. They look like great fun – we’re always on the look out for new bath toys as, like you discovered we have to cull them regularly when they get a bit grotty (though I have found sticking them in the dishwasher helps a bit)

    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  3. I love Nuby products and own quite a few already. The new batch toys look really fun. Something to make bath time more exciting 😀


  4. Love Nuby. We have a fishing toy game too, not sure if it’s Nuby though all of these look good fun! #triedtested

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