Beauty Review: BIG shampoo from Lush

I bought a tub of BIG Sea salt shampoo at the Lush blogger lock in that I went to in November (you can read about that here, it was a lot of fun!) after lots of umming and ahhing and ‘but how does it WORK?’s from me. I tell you, sticking your fingers into this tub is a sheer delight (in a non filthy way) as it’s crunchy and smooth all at the same time, but not like peanut butter which is the only other thing I can think of that could be described in the same way. I’m rambling. Anyway I like it.
It’s pretty strange to get used to because of the thick gritty texture, as the large grains of salt are numerous! You don’t need very much at all per wash (and I’ve got pretty long hair too) and I whack some into my palm add a little water and lather up, trying not to lose any of the salt. I then slop it all over my head, concentrating on the roots predominantly. The one thing I don’t like is that when you use this in the bath you end up sat on gritty salt bits, which can be a little uncomfortable on the old bottom. The result is definitely bigger hair, although I do find that I need to use a leave in conditioner to help me detangle the ends, as it does seem to dry them out, even though I don’t concentrate on the ends! I might buy the BIG conditioner at some point in the future though, although normally I tend to only condition my hair every 2 or 3 washes, and it’s in bar form which just seems like a faff to me.
Surprisingly I can stretch to a hair wash every 3 days when using this, instead of every 2 days, as I’ve found that my roots don’t get as greasy as early, I think this is because of the lack of synthetics. That, coupled with that fact that I’ve hardly made a dent in the tub after 4 weeks of use is pretty good and makes me less annoyed about the price of £11.50 for a 330g tub.
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As for volume, I think there is actually a noticeable difference, I very rarely bother to blow dry my hair as I tend to wash it in the bath before bed and let it dry naturally. Both the above photos are overnight drying on 2 different occasions, and i’m happy with it! You can view/buy it on the Lush website here.
Have you tried it?

7 thoughts on “Beauty Review: BIG shampoo from Lush

  1. How lushious! Harharhar.i loved the strange texture of it and how it made my hair feel but it had no affect on the volume of my hair (boo). In fact, I think it actually tamed my usually out of control hair! X

  2. Ahhhh I loved this stuff, but a few people warned me about it stripping the colour from my hair which put me off a bit 🙁 I agree though, it was a delight to feel, made my hair smell nice, it seemed to dry quicker and had more volume. Just a shame it contains SLS!

    – Tabitha at Scared Toast x

  3. Oooh your hair looks ace! Might look into some Lush shampoos. I am trying to use more natural products across the board, shampoo is one im struggling with- lots of sulfate free ones don’t make my hair feel very clean… The salt actually sounds nice, like a head scrub!

  4. Not tried it but am tempted but it’s the price that puts me off. Your hair is a great advert for it though.

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