Laura from Life with Baby Kicks has started up a new tag post called ‘being a blogger’ to get bloggers to share what being a blogger means to them. You can read her post here to find a bit more out about her and what it means to her, but here’s my take on being a blogger

Being a blogger… means rarely having a day with the laptop turned off

Being a blogger… means I get to experience amazing things, to review or do and share them with my family

Being a blogger… means I’m always behind on my emails because…

Being a blogger… means you get sent ridiculous press released that have no relevance to you whatsoever and have to whittle out the ‘good’ emails from the tripe!

Being a blogger… means collecting ‘blog fodder’ as my husband calls it, be it food photos, outfit photos or ideas

Being a blogger… means I sometimes worry I share too much of our lives

Being a blogger… means my house is full of things waiting to be photographed, all the delivery drivers know my door code and leave things outside my flat door and I am never short of packaging to recycle!

Being a blogger… means I work late into the night when the babies sleep

Being a blogger… means I have made some amazing close friends over the years

Being a blogger… means I really should ‘get’ google plus. I don’t!

Being a blogger… means I have had to learn to say NO. To things that mean too much work in exchange for little reward, to trips abroad (press trip with a 6 week old probably wouldn’t work so well) and to myself when I realise I am sleep deprived and really should switch off.

Being a blogger… is pretty awesome all in all!


I Tag, Donna (What the Redhead Said) Becky (Little O and me) & Chelle (Mumington post)

3 thoughts on “Being a blogger…

  1. Sorry that I’m only just getting round to commenting on this. Thanks so much for the tag, it was a fun one to write! I like the term ‘blog fodder’ haha and I also panic about sharing so much of our lives, it’s a hard one isn’t it!

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