50 things that make me happy

A good few weeks ago now Claire at A Whole Latte Love blog tagged me in the ’50 things that make me happy’ post… I’ve been adding to my list little by little and here it is!

50 things that make me Happy (1)

  1. Dogs sticking their heads out of moving cars
  2. Greg Davies (I’m watching Man Down)
  3. When Athena naps long enough for me and Arlo to nap too!
  4. Old ladies with funky coloured hair (I mean bright, not a blue rinse!)
  5. Neatly manicured nails
  6. Stuffing cloth nappies
  7. Buying cloth nappies
  8. Watching my big baby give my little baby a kiss
  9. Going in to get Athena in the morning to find her reading her books in bed
  10. Chests of drawers with lots of little drawers in to fill with lots of little things
  11. Perfume
  12. Dressing my kids in nice clothes
  13. People with laughably bad eyebrows, like when they’re arches drawn on that practically meet their hair line
  14. When people almost fall over and then glare at the paving slab that tripped them up like it did it on purpose
  15. My what’s app groups
  16. Finding out the origins of words
  17. Listening to podcasts
  18. Trance music from the mid 00’s (Tiesto, Judge Jules etc)
  19. Drum and Bass and memories of raving till dawn and beyond
  20. When all the washing is miraculously folded and in the right drawers
  21. Buying and using slings and baby carriers
  22. Instagram – seeing snippets of peoples lives makes me happy as I am nosy!
  23. The colours purple and burgundy, and teal
  24. Birkenstocks. Aka the only flipflops that don’t give me blisters or sore feet
  25. Scented candles
  26. Bubble baths
  27. Reading
  28. Days with no tantrums
  29. Ice cream
  30. Meeting people I click with right away
  31. Not having to wear a coat, scarf or gloves
  32. Picking Athena up from nursery
  33. Sticky buns with currants in
  34. Dark chocolate
  35. Travelling to new places
  36. Being high up with a birds eye view
  37. Milky baby smiles
  38. Worcester Sauce
  39. Getting into a hotel bed
  40. Carrot sticks and Hummus
  41. The feeling you get when you’r really thirsty and down a pint of water
  42. Stroking a cat
  43. Reading to my babies
  44. Looking through old photos
  45. Squeezing spots
  46. Putting on clothes that I suddenly realise are too big!
  47. Having a de clutter
  48. Reading
  49. Sleeping
  50. A smile from a stranger

So, there we go! What are fifty of YOUR favourite things?


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