#BMbloggerswap with Bon Marche

Ever been to see a personal stylist? No, me neither. However the outfit in this post was put together for me by another blogger, which is probably as close as I’ll ever get! Recently Bon Marché decided to challenge a few bloggers to pick out an outfit for someone else, which sounded like a lot of fun but I did feel a bit sorry for the person who got me as they couldn’t actually choose a dress or a top as this pregnant belly was a bit of a hindrance!

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However when my parcel turned up I was really happy with what Cat (who writes Rock & Roll Pussy Cat blog) picked for me, it turns out she’d read a post where I’d mentioned going to a wedding later in the year, so picked things she thought I could use as part of my wedding outfit!

She picked a gorgeous quilted floral jacket, and the print reminds me of the blue and white print you get on crockery, I love it! It’s got a lovely rounded neckline and cropped sleeves so perfect for spring and summer! The Bag is spacious, with a gorgeous patent finish and a little scarf attached for added prettiness! Finally the necklace is a statement necklace but without being too in your face, delicate flowers go well with the pattern on the jacket I think, plus Athena is a bit addicted to it too as you can see in the last photo!

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I think Cat picked really well, and teamed with a cream or blue dress I actually have the perfect wedding outfit I reckon! The quality of the bag and jacket are really good too, the jacket is fully lined and has those pre stitched up pockets which to me is always a sign of something being well made! I always try to keep them stitched too as I think it helps things keep their shape better! The bag also holds its shape when empty which I love, so if you’ve gone out with a half empty bag (which does sometimes happen with bigger bags!) it doesn’t sag and look funny on your shoulder. Gold hardware and a dust bag for storage make it feel more luxurious than its modest price tag too!

Thank you to Bon Marche for asking me to take part in their challenge!

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