What the kids wore: Bobux Kid+ Sandals

I’ve been a big fan of Bobux shoes for the kids ever since they started walking, originally working with them through blogging, but I have also purchased them too, plus been a big advocate when other mum’s ask about the best footwear for kids. We are lucky enough to be working with them again this spring and the kids were over the moon to be able to choose a new pair of sandals each!

Things I love about Bobux:

  • Durable
  • Natural Materials
  • Designed to perfectly support development of little feet
  • Podiatrist approved
  • Huge variety of designs, both modern and classic.

Now the sun seems to have made a proper appearance I envision a lot of afternoons at the park after school and weekends at the beach as it is so close, and after being stuck at school in socks and closed toe shoes all day I’m sure Athena will be over the moon to put some pretty pastal sandals on!


Athena chose a pair of Hampton sandals in silver, which have a baby pink lining and are made from the softest leather. With a cushioned strap around the heel and two velcro fasteners at the ankle and across the top of the foot I am confident that she can get the perfect fit, to accommodate the width of her foot. Velcro is a winner too as it means we can be out the door a lot faster than if she had to faff about with buckles! The soles of these are durable and non-slip, and so flexible too, take a look…


The lovely silver leather is sort of matte, so scuffs won’t show up so much, which is good as Athena face-planted on her scooter off a ramp at the skateboard park wearing these, than ran about on a beach for an hour and they still look good as new, sadly the same can’t be said for her face, knees or shins!



Arlo chose the Roam sandals in navy blue, and I love them! They’re such a classic style, again made from super soft leather with nubuck detailing around the padded heel and on the middle strap, and I love how the straps are woven through the central bar, making them super sturdy and supportive. Again these are really flexible, with a non slip sole and are easy for Arlo to put on by himself, though he’s still not 100% solid on which shoe goes on which foot yet!


It’s safe to say they’re both pretty happy with their summer sandals, now we just need to weather to brighten up permanently and we’ll be laughing! I’ve said it before, and will probably say it again but I really wish Bobux would branch out into adult shoes! They currently go up to a UK 1, although their shoes do come up larger compared to other brands. There is a really handy sizing tool on the website that shows you how much space your child will have at the toe when you put in their exact measurement, I’ve popped a screen shot below.

With styles from newborn up, all carefully designed to support the child at their current stage of development, Bobux is sure to have a design and style you and your kids love.



4 thoughts on “What the kids wore: Bobux Kid+ Sandals

  1. lol I first read Botox and I was like “what the hell?” Great looking sandals!! Thanks for the review

  2. I love those! Especially your sons, they’re such a classic style and you don’t see shoes like this around much do you!? My little one isn’t walking yet (he’s only 2 months!) but I’ll remember this brand for when he is

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