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I love a good firework display, and every year since Athena was born we’ve taken her out to see fireworks so she’s always been used to them. In Sussex there are a lot of bonfire societies who put on parades, displays and HUGE bonfires in towns throughout the area. Last year we did Shoreham Bonfire night, and the year before went to Burgess Hill to watch the parade and the fireworks. It’s quite spectacular with people dressed up marching along with lit up torches (the old fashioned flame kind, rather than the battery operated variety) and often they will be drumming and chanting too! It’s a great atmosphere but can that many open flames can obviously be dangerous as well, not to mention all the fireworks! 

Everyone’s favourite hero next door Fireman Sam (or Fireman Daddy as he’s known in this house, as Daddy is called Sam) has released some videos for you to watch with your children in the run up to firework and bonfire season to help them learn in a fun way all about safety.

Fireman Sam’s Top Tips
1) Light fireworks at arm’s length and NEVER go back to a lit firework.
2) Always keep children a safe distance from fireworks.
3) Keep well away from bonfires and ensure that children are supervised at all times. Pets are best kept indoors.
4) Always wear gloves when handling sparklers and hold at arm’s length. Once finished, put in a bucket of water.
5) Finally, ensure you attend a well-organised fireworks display!

Please visit the Fireman Sam Safety Tips playlist and watch them with your kids, they’re not long and it’s a great way to get an important message across! One tip I would add is that it is worth splashing out on one of those battery operated flashing/spinning multi-coloured torches that people are often peddling at public events, they’re far safer than sparklers for smaller kids like Athena and Arlo!

For more information, fun games and competitions visit, and add to the adventure with some fire fighting role play!


Oh dear, Poor Normans Mum!

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