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Messy Goes to Okido is a programme On CBeebies that is easily in the top 5 for my two little square-eyed people! It’s a show that tackles questions that toddlers could ask and that parents might find tricky to answer! A couple of our favourite episodes are:

Messy-Morphosis – which helps to explain about caterpillars turning into butterflies

Lolly’s Keys – all about magnets. Cue about an hour spent in front of our freezer door moving all the magnets about!

Messy Power – learning about electricity, where it comes from and what powers it.

Messy goes to Okido Messy goes to Okido

We were recently sent a talking Messy Doll, and amazingly Athena decided that Arlo could have it all for himself, which never happens… new toys normally end in a bit of a tug of war! So now poor messy gets dragged around, mostly by his tail by Arlo wherever he goes (including to the child minder!)

When his belly is squeezed he says a few different phrases in rotation, including ‘Lets Skidoodle Oki-doodle’ and ‘When you need to know, go to Oki Do!’. He’s super soft with no hard parts so perfect for kids of any age. He’s available from Amazon and all good toy retailers. The batteries are already included, but are not replaceable, so at some point he will stop making sounds, but other similar toys Athena has had are still going strong a good year or more later so I wouldn’t let this put you off!

We were sent this toy in exchange for an unbiased review, all words and opinions are my own.

One thought on “Review: Messy Goes to Okido toy

  1. Messy, Bing, Duggie, Boj, and more recently the school for vampires on netflix to name but a few. These are so cute! These programmes are making memories which I value so much. I have twin 3 year old boys and they like so many programmes, toys and games there would be no time to even think of them. One day they say Bing is best. One day it is Duggie. Then all of a sudden their taste changes. I think the vampire cartoon is a haloween thing – they love pumpkins and bats.

    Kids have such a wonderful array of things to keep them entertained it is wonderful. I work from home so that is essential, especially in half term from nursery. Right now my little bos are watching something about an elephant with a red magic hat. I love them so much 🙂

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