Botox: What to expect at your first session

Fine lines and wrinkles are a few most dreaded signs of ageing that people encounter. There is no hiding it or covering up these signs since they are right on the face. One does not need to despair though. There is hope. There are ways to deal with fine lines and wrinkles. One of the most popular methods is through the use of Botox. It is an effective remedy, but it is important for the users to understand what it can do and what it can’t. Before we get to that it is important to understand how it works.

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How does Botox remove wrinkles?

Wrinkles primarily arise out of two reasons. One is due to the frequent contraction of facial muscles that folds the skin in a particular manner. As one age the skin loses its elasticity and the place where the skin folds get deeper. Wrinkles can also result due to the loss of volume in the face. Botox works by paralysing the muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. It is injected directly into the muscles. It is common to see clinics offering treatments based in Botox London and other modern cities.

Botox prevents wrinkles and fine lines apart from removing them

Botox paralyses the facial muscles it is injected into. Apart from removing wrinkles it also prevents them from reappearing. For this reason, some people start Botox based treatments even before they develop wrinkles.

Botox is not painful

Even though it is injected directly into the skin, Botox isn’t as painful as other injections. It is administered as a series of injections. The needles used are thinner and the pinprick one feels barely bothers them. It takes a few hours to start showing effects. The maximum effect would be seen in about a week after treatment.

It can be stopped without any ill effects.

A Botox dose lasts from four to six months. Once it wears off the muscles will start working again which will lead to the wrinkles coming back. At this point, a user typically takes another dose of Botox. Even if one decides on giving up the use of Botox, they will still get some benefits. The muscles originally targeted would be weakened even after the effects of Botox have worn off. The users face would have adjusted to expressing in a different way that does not worsen the problem of wrinkles.

Consult a doctor

It is important for any user to consult with a doctor before deciding to opt for a Botox based treatment. The medical history of the user, the medications that they are currently under are all details that the doctor needs to know. The doctor will also advise the user on how to prepare for the treatment. The side effects of Botox are mostly due to an incompetent administrator or a substandard product. In any case, if any unusual effects are noticed a doctor must be notified immediately.

As the usage of Botox becomes more mainstream, there is a need to understand it better. Users must only go to reputed clinics.

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