Interiors: Bean Bag Chairs

Last year we redecorated the living room. Freshly painting the walls and wallpapering two of them. I’d bought lilac sofas the year before the replace our huge old black lounger which made the room look so much bigger! We have a corner of the living room that has a small alcove under a stained glass window that I’ve always struggled to know what to do with.- It’s not quite wide enough for a kallax unit (every family’s go-to storage, right?)  nor for a traditional arm chair, so it has tended to get piled up with toys.  Recently we were asked if we’d like to style a bean bag chair from Beanbag Bazaar and I realised that  an easily moved chair  could be just what I need for my awkward space! As it’s also lower than a proper armchair it doesn’t block out any light, which is especially important at this time of year!

During half term when both the kids were at home  for a lot of the time the new chair became THE place to sit, which meant there were a few arguments over it – but that just shows how comfy it is! Because it’s so light and easy to move it meant that for family film nights it could be moved from the corner and next to one of the sofas  for a little person to lounge on!

Bean Bag bazaar
bean bag chair

I much prefer to chill out with a blanket and a book, making the most of the  natural light coming in from the windows on either side of me. I am also very much enjoying  not having all the toys collecting in that corner!

The last time I had any experience of bean bags it literally was a giant bag with no shape to it and super tricky to get comfy on as it didn’t retain its shape at all! But not this  one, the fabric is stitched together  so it retains the shape of a chair even when you plop down into it and have a wiggle – and looks so much nicer when it’s not being sat on too. Bean Bag Bazaar stock a really vast array of colours, fabrics, shapes and styles with FREE next day delivery too – not often that happens!

It’s definitely the addition to our living room that we didn’t know we needed – plus it acts as a makeshift footstool for my husband – and added bonus! Though Beanbag bazaar sell those too!

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