The Buggy Chronicles: The Stokke selection!



A week before I went on holiday I headed off to The Baby Show in London and was kindly invited to the Stokke Launch to take a look at their new Trailz pushchair and the winter packs.

Stokke is a brand that I have always admired from afar, so this was my first chance to actually push, touch and stroke their buggies! I’m currently umming and ahhing about a double buggy for when baby #2 arrives (20 weeks to go!) as I’m certain Athena will still be having day time naps, and if we’re out for the whole day she’ll definitely not be up to walking all day by then either! I popped her into the tandem Crusi to see how she liked it, definitely no complaints here! I love how high up she was, and that you can use it as a single when you don’t have both babies with you. Plus how awesome is this design?

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Xplory imageCrusi image


The Trailz was the special guest of the day and is an all terrain buggy still retaining the famed Stokke high up seat, parent and world facing positions and air filled tyres for a smooth ride wherever you go! It features a waterproof basket, ventilated hood and compatibility with several car seats as well as the travel cot. It’s like the Land Rover of prams if you ask me!


  The winter kits are an amazing way to accessorize your ride for winter, or for when you fancy a change! They have a huge array of patterns and materials, and the furry mummy-mittens are just awesome, as we only have one car that Sam uses for work we walk (and train!) everywhere and imagine how cosy your hands would be in these!


After the launch I headed downstairs to explore the rest of the show and stopped off at the main Stokke stand, and fell in love with the gorgeous Sleepi Mini Bed. It looks ten times nicer than a moses basket, is on wheels so would be perfect for us in our flat as all our rooms are on one level, so if baby falls asleep in the living room I can keep him/her there and then wheel the bed through to the bedroom at bedtime! As baby grows you add the extension kit to make it larger and you can add canopies for extra cute factor too!

image image

Lastly I took a look at the Steps Chair, which takes your baby from newborn to toddler and beyond, as you can fit the bouncer seat to it, then when your baby can sit upright it becomes a highchair. I love the fact that baby wouldn’t be on the floor, and could be brought to the table to see the rest of us eat dinner and be sociable with us before weaning starts!

As a thank you for coming I was given a gorgeous Nursing Bag, which will definitely be my hospital bag for when we go to turn bump into a baby in a few months time!

Stokke put together a little video of the day here too! Thank you for the invite Stokke, I think my husband is dreading my Christmas list this year!

2 thoughts on “The Buggy Chronicles: The Stokke selection!

  1. Oh wow! Those toasty hand warmer things look awesome. I do love buggies and pushchairs that are stylish! I also love that high chair that last for years, great idea!

  2. The circular cot! What a gorgeous design, you definitely need one for new baby I think! I’ve seen a few of these buggys in town, now I know who makes them!

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