Cloth Nappies from birth – the first months!

Arlo has now outgrown his Totsbots Teenyfit nappies so I thought I’d write an update on how we’re getting on with our cloth bum journey! Teenyfits are smaller versions of the Easy Fits and they’re designed to fit from 5lbs to around 12lbs, and adorably cute!

20150401_112010Arlo wore his first cloth nappy at a day old, in the hospital. It was the gorgeous birthday print Teenyfit that Tots Bots very kindly sent us to celebrate his arrival! I must admit that it was another 4 or 5 days until I used cloth again for Arlo as those first few days with a newborn are hectic enough but add a C section, a toddler and it being Easter Weekend and I think I can be excused for not wanting to do that extra wash! However once we hit a week I reckon that Arlo had a cloth bum about fifty to sixty percent of the time!

 I’d bought 6 more teenyfits in white from a Facebook selling group and they were in excellent condition as you’d expect from something that doesn’t get used for more than a few months really! At first I had a bit of trouble getting a tight enough fit round his (then) skinny little legs but found that angling the velcro tabs downwards helped and within a week or so it wasn’t an issue as he’d chubbed out! So we had a couple of leaks because of that and also because he seems to be a fairly heavy wetter so needs changing pretty frequently! Again almost 11 weeks later he doesn’t seem to be wetting quite as much as those early days of cluster feeding for days on end, and the leaks are no more!


I’ll admit I was really dreading the first ‘number two’ as I seem to breed babies who only go every 3 days or more… but actually everything was contained! I put this down to the fact that I had a nice tight fit round the waist so nothing escaped up the back like it can do with disposables! Don’t get me wrong, the clean up job was a nightmare but it would’ve been way worse if it had escaped from the confines of the nappy! Because I had seven nappies on rotation and a heavy wetter I decided to use disposable nappies overnight. This meant less night time changes which also helped with my C section recovery as I didn’t have to climb out of bed more than once a night to get to the changing table!

siblings april15second

Because Athena is in cloth much of the time too the extra washing didn’t even get noticed once we were using teenyfits as I just kept them all in the same bucket and washed them together! They dry super fast too as they’re so little and any poop washes out easily. Because breastfed baby poop is water soluble there’s no need to rinse, just right into the machine!

So now Arlo has turned into a chunky little thing we’ve just started with the ‘one size fits most’ Easy Fits during the day, and once the next mega – feed inducing growth spurt is out of the way we’ll be testing out the bamboozles and wraps over night!

You can read my previous posts about Preparing to use cloth from birth & Cloth Nappy FAQs for more info!

4 thoughts on “Cloth Nappies from birth – the first months!

  1. That cute little fluffy bum! I’m planning on breastfeeding this baby when he comes and reading that about their poo has made me less scared to try cloth!

  2. Fin has nearly outgrown his teenies which is making me so sad, I love the tiny nappies! I will sell ours on too afterwards as they are still in pretty perfect condition x

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