Common Home Renovation Issues and How to Tackle Them 

Completing a home renovation takes patience. A mountain of time, money, and effort goes into turning the vision in your mind into a reality. Budding interior designers and renovators spend time preparing as much as possible for the task.  

However, like anything in life, there is only so much you can prepare yourself for something. Not to mention, some issues arise which are often unavoidable.  While you may successfully dodge any avoidable problems, nothing prepares you for the unprecedented.  

With this in mind, we have compiled a helpful guide below, detailing some of the common home renovation issues that you might face, as well as ways you can proactively tackle them.  

 Budgetary Problems 

Ensure you are thoroughly aware of your finances throughout your renovation. Establish what your budget will be for the overall project and make efforts to stay on track as best as possible.  

While there will be times when costs arise out of nowhere, this is also something that you should be prepared to face.   Factor in any excess costs associated with renovation issues to minimise the shock when faced with this potential situation moving forward. Consider the costs of hiring skilled professionals for your project. While there is no doubt going to be tasks that you can complete yourself, some require the touch of an expert. This leads us to the next point.  

 Wiring and Plumbing Issues 

The wiring and plumbing in our homes are critical. They ensure that a constant and stable supply of water, electricity, and gas is readily available. When something goes wrong, this can be a bit of a nightmare!  Water and drainage issues can lead to leaks and associated problems deep within the walls of your home. Left untreated, and you will have a whole host of other issues to attend to as well.  

Similarly, if there is a problem or fault with the electrical wiring in your home, it can be tricky to solve. Older homes in the UK are more susceptible to electrical faults due to ageing and deterioration of systems over time. Address these issues, and get your house rewired sooner rather than later.  

Upon completion, you should expect to receive an EICR report from the electrician. This documents that the installation went without a hitch and that the electrical system is safe to use. Provided by companies like Electrical Safety Certificate, you can rest assured you won’t be enduring any electrical faults for some time!  

 Cheap or Fault Materials 

If you have recently moved into a home that needs renovating, you will need to check the quality of the materials that were previously used. Previously, dangerous materials were used to build and repair homes. They have gradually been phased out of use with the implementation of various regulations and building codes. 

While we recognise that skilled professionals attending to your home renovation would know what materials to use and what to avoid, you also have the issue of safely disposing of potentially hazardous materials.  

Asbestos is a particularly hot topic when it comes to the removal of certain hazardous materials. Suppose it is found that you have asbestos in the property you are renovating. In that case, it is paramount that you contact your local council or authoritative board to ascertain how best to remove and dispose of the materials.  

Much like that of rewiring your home or address plumbing issues, make sure to enlist the services of a professional to assist you. Minimise the risk to yourself and others.  

These are but some of the potential obstacles you could face while renovating your home. We hope this piece has left you feeling enlightened and that you have a better understanding of how to prepare for issues such as these.  

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