How to clean artificial turf

Artificial grass offers the biggest advantage of little maintenance. It stays in good condition in comparison to natural grass that requires everything from weed killer to water.  However, though artificial turf does not need daily watering and mowing, there are a few things required to ensure lawn glowing.  Homeowners love healthy and presentable artificial grass and so keeping an eye and following small maintenance tasks ensures full lifespan of artificial turf


Artificial grass is not similar to real grass. It is not susceptible to diseases or weeds, yet caring for artificial turf as small regular maintenance helps resolving the stain management. You can enjoy the feel and quality look of the artificial turf. 

Mild Stains- Stains are for sure to happen. Something or the other will go tumbling to the ground or your pet will leave his mark. The stains may be alcohol, cola, coffee, tea, urine, blood, and some everyday substance. There is a need to care and clean.

  • Clean the spill quickly to ascertain it does not leave a stubborn, long-lasting stain.
  • Blot the spilled liquid using a dry absorbent or a towel.
  • Rinse the area using a mild household detergent and water in equal parts.

If you consider a removal aid for a stronger stain, use ammonia solution 3% in water, replacing the household detergent. Rinse with clean water.

Stubborn Stains – The stubborn stains include grease, motor oil, crayon, cooking oil, pen ink, etc, that are more stubborn than the mild stains. When the stain fails to respond with mild household detergents or even the ammonia mixture, use mineral spirits and rinse the area.

Sticky Stuff – Chewing gum and tree sap end up sticking in artificial turf and is a big headache. Fortunately, they can be removed easily using aerosol refrigerants or dry ice. It freezes the gum or sap off and can be scraped from the grass.

Pet Waste – Having your four-legged companions does not mean you must keep rinsing and constantly clean your artificial grass. You can clean up your pet waste in a few minutes.

  • Allow the waste of your pet to dry and remove it.
  • Artificial turfs drain liquids. Thus, you can douse the turf using a hose on the urine spots in cool water.

Most stains falling on the artificial turf are easy to remove. Yet, it is best to avoid damaging the turf with stains. Remember, to keep fireworks and cigarettes away from artificial turf.


Clean, Rinse, Brush, Repeat

The four main steps are clean, rinse, brush, and repeat regularly as a way of maintaining artificial grass. If you are not able to carry it out every week, do it monthly.

The steps are:

  • Remove debris, especially after thunderstorms or high winds. Remove branches, leaves, and other debris, so that your grass stays safe from damage.
  • Regularly rinse the turf using a hose with clean, cool water. It eliminates pollen and dust. If your area receives more rain, you need not rinse the grass.
  • Brush the grass in high-traffic areas. Ensure cross brushing against its grain so that the grass looks fresh and strong.

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