Dealing with Hair Thinning: 4 Ways to Do It

Thinning hair is a worry for men and women alike. However, it seems to be more noticeable when it happens to women. While pattern baldness is not unusual to see in middle-aged men, that’s not so often true of women. When dealing with thinning hair as a woman, you’re probably looking for ways to deal with it. Here are four tips that might help. 

Cover It Up

Getting into the habit of wearing a hat, baseball cap, a scarf, or other attire to cover your head can boost your self-confidence. Not only will it keep you warmer if the thinning is causing you to lose more heat from your head, but it avoids you feeling as conscious of it. Even though most people are too busy to even notice, it provides peace of mind on the issue either way.


Distract the Eye

Use the art of distraction to redirect the gaze. Dress to impress and redirect potential attention away from your hair to your outfit. When you look on point for a meeting in a fashionable business suit, or you’re dressed up for a night out, people are even less likely to notice, and you’ll feel great. If you don’t think this will work, remember that magicians use the art of distraction all the time to change where you’re looking for their sleight of hand tricks. It’s possible to do the same yourself.

Go Easier on Your Scalp

Sometimes, hair loss is caused by shampoos that are overly harsh with their ingredients. Hair growth could be suffering as a result. Washing the hair too often using hair care products, getting a perm, or even pulling the hair back harshly to get it off the shoulders puts the hair follicles under additional pressure. Also, a lack of basic vitamins and minerals may temporarily be causing stunted hair growth. Ensure you have enough folic acid, minerals, and iron in your diet, or take a supplement to fix that. 

A Hair Transplant Is Another Option

An FUE hair transplant can resolve thinning hair to some extent. It’s not an overnight solution, but it does work. But how does a hair transplant work? The Treatment Rooms in London can best answer how does a hair transplant work, but we can provide a basic idea here. Hair follicles from the back or side of the head where they’re plentiful and healthy can be removed and implanted elsewhere. When performed by a qualified clinic like the one mentioned above, they provide a thorough patient consultation. Later, they may book an operating theatre, and complete the surgical procedure on the designated day. 

While results from hair transplants do require a few months to show, growing hair will gradually help to fill out areas of the scalp showing thinning growth. In time, it will make hair loss less noticeable for you. 

By taking a multi-faceted approach to thinning hair, it’s possible to not let your life get held back by it. Usually, using a few techniques together can help to make you feel less self-conscious about it, which often means other people will too.


Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash. This is a collaborative post.

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