If I were stranded on a desert island…

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A couple of weeks ago I watched Kevin McCloud (who I find irritating for no real reason, sorry kev) experiencing life on a ‘desert island’ in the pacific with a family who had left their life in the UK behind and moved there to live a simple life with their kids. It was interesting to watch and Sam and I had an interesting chat after it about if we were to choose to leave the rat race where we could go, and how extreme we’d go in our quest for isolation (me more than him, which surprised us both!) We then started talking about what we’d miss and what essentials we’d need with us. I’ve whittled mine down to three things

A Kindle (fully loaded up with my whole ‘to read’ list plus all the classics and all the books that have been in the charts for the last five years at least) and it would be solar powered so batteries are not an issue

I love to read and I don’t ever find the time to read everything I want to and just want to tell authors STOP WRITING, I NEED TO CATCH UP! I figure if we’re living the good life off in an island or up a mountain somewhere that I won’t have a whole heap else to do BUT read!

Family photos

Enough said really, but photos of my family and friends so I can keep them in my mind when things get lonely. I would obviously be on this make-believe island with Sam, Athena and Arlo because the idea of being without them doesn’t bear thinking about!

Lots and lots of spiral bound lined note books and as many pencils

To write a complete journal of our day to day life, how we feel, what we eat, do and create. Then when we decide the good life is over and we should return to the rat race I can publish a book and live off the proceeds!

So, a slightly tongue in cheek collection, but I thought this was a pretty fun thing to write about when More Than asked me what three things I’d like to be stranded with. If I was allowed one more thing it would definitely be my laptop because everything dear to me memory wise is on there, or can be accessed from it and I really would be lost without it!

What would you take?

This is a collaborative post, all words are my own.


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