Making Baby Bouquets with M&S

So what do you buy for a new baby? The vast majority of us go for clothes but how do you make your present memorable? Make the clothes look like a bouquet of flowers of course! Now there are many people out there who are a lot more crafty than I, and a quick look on pinterest shows that my attempt is firmly on the bottom end of craftiness scale, but hey I tried!


You need: some baby clothes! I used a baby starter set from M&S Baby Shop that included 8 items in various patterns to add a bit of colour, along with some elastic bands and some bamboo skewers to use as stems! You could go all out and add in some fake flowers to bulk it all out a little, but I actually already had a blanket in a matching print and the ‘flowers’ fitted nicely into a round wicker basket I had so they could be displayed nicely.

IMG_3174IMG_3170 IMG_3171 IMG_3175

Told you it wasn’t pinterest worthy! It was a lot of fun though and I think it’s a really nice and memorable way to give new parents a special gift! You could always pop in a bottle of wine and some sweets too, that really would make it special! If you fancied giving it a go yourself (and to see how nice it could look!) then take a look at the Guide to Making a Baby Bouquet!

If you’ve had children what was the best present you were given to celebrate a birth?


M&S Baby sent me a baby starter set to get my craft on with, all words and shoddy attempts at being craft are my own!


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