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Pinterest is full of amazing baby bedrooms, I’ve stopped looking at it in fact because in her small double room it’s just not going to happen!  However I wanted to work with what we’ve got and spruce up Athena’s nursery now she’s a) old enough to take interest in her surroundings and b) big enough to pull the net canopy into her cot! (We took it down, but it’ll go back up when she’s older!) It’s also important that whatever we do is non permanent as we rent… no painted murals or mezzanines for us! The walls need to be kept in good condition as the place was immaculate when we moved in and I’d like it to be when we move out! I’ve got a couple more posts in the pipeline to do with nursery decor but for now here’s her picture wall:


All the frames were sourced cheaply (Poundland, Wilkinson’s and Ikea) and decorated by me with washi tape, either round the outside edge or along the front of the frame. I stuck to a vague purple and pink theme but I quiet like the mismatched look. I attached them to the wall with 3M command strips, these things are magical and allow you to stick things to walls without leaving a mark when you take them down (providing you follow instruction of course!) There are two parts that stick together like velcro, one side is stuck to the frame and one side to the wall. we’ve not had to take one down yet but I have used the hook version of the command hooks in other parts of the house and managed to remove them with no issues (the trick is so be gentle and pull in the right direction!) It took a little while to work out where I wanted things, but the actual application was easy and I like the finished look!

 IMG_6368 IMG_6460

Considering the frames are right above the cot I was a little wary as to whether I would be woken in the night by a baby who’d been hit by a frame but nope, a week later and nothing has budged!  There is a whole heap of inspiration on their pinterest boards, their ‘displaying memories’ board has some lovely baby-related ideas! But they’re perfect for student/rented accommodation, or just for people that like to change their decor around a lot!

I’ll probably change the things in the frames fairly regularly, for now there is a Brighton montage (from a wallpaper sample, god bless B&Q!) and some fabric samples along with some vintage book cover postcards that came in a box of 100, so I hope to change them around lots too. To the right of the cot is Athena’s half wardrobe which is the perfect height to keep things out of reach of little hands and is where our Watchbot camera lives (I reviewed it here) too so it can see into the cot!

All the colour changing lights live on here, along with Athena’s jewellery box, christening gifts and current favourite books. I’ve decorated the front with vintage puffin children’s book covers, but one day I’ll paint it white (or lilac?)

I’ll be posting about a couple of easy nursery DIYs soon and a view of the other side of the room, so watch this space! Please leave any links to your interior decor posts for me to have a nosey at!


I was sent the command strips for review purposes, all opinions are my own and I definitely

recommend them for anyone who doesn’t want to put holes in their walls!

6 thoughts on “DIY: Nursery picture wall

  1. That looks really effective. I can’t get enough of washi tape! T has just started to take a lot of interest in the pictures in his room – I think it’s nice for them to have some personality in the decor of their rooms 🙂

  2. Athena has a jewellery box? She’s one sophisticated little lady! I know what you mean about Pinterest; no room in my house (or meal that I make) will ever be that perfectly styled and I’ve just got to except it. Don’t even get me started on the million photos of washboard abs… xxx

  3. I love this idea and thanks for the heads up over the sticky things- I didn’t know such wonders existed and I’ve got lots of things I also want to stick up in our rented house! Do you mean the hooky things can have heavier picture frames stuck on at all?
    I love the fact your daughter is called Athena- I love that name! We had a little Athena at a church kids group I used to help with when I was younger and I always loved it! Will you develop an owlish theme with her I wonder?


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