The sun has got his hat on…

However Athena doesn’t ever have hats on because she bloody hates the things! I have mislaid the one hat we have with a chin strap so I think I need to get some elastic and attach it to our other hats! I managed to get sunburnt this weekend and last weekend, and even the one before that… not majorly but enough to bring out all my glorious(ly annoying) freckles!
The highlight of the bank holiday weekend was lounging in a wicker egg with a snoozing baby and The Foodies festival, sipping on a mojito(oh alright, there was a large bottle of cider too!) We tried lots of wonderfully tasty and delicious food and spent time with 2 of Athena’s god parents.

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When we were both home for bath time last week I took the opportunity to snap some pictures, i’m glad I did because the next bath time was a bit of a disaster and poor Athena got a black eye and a bit of a cut as she slipped when she was stood holding on. Luckily I was in the bath with her so could give her some magic-boob and she was splashing away again 2 minutes later! The cut wasn’t that bad and has almost healed already 2 days later, she has a lovely bruise though which will hopefully be gone before her birthday! I remember being a sponge sucker when I was small, so she takes after me there! She clearly reckons Sam’s hair needs a wash…
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Last weekend saw me at a secret pop up gig as part of The Great Escape Festival, in the Lush shop no less! The artist was Dizraeli, I admit I had never heard of him but have been enjoying his youtube channel, and he kind of reminds me of Mike Skinner, so in turn I have been relistening to all my old Streets albums recently too. I also finally made it in to visit Bluebird Tea Co on Gardner street, I tried a matcha tea and it was goooooood!
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 20140510_153935 - Copy 20140505_145129 - Copy 20140509_173646 - Copy  
In the middle of the week we went for a family stroll through the woods, took some outfit photos for this post and couldn’t resist some twatty jumping off a tree photos. I know, I am so cool.
IMG_6545 IMG_6558IMG_6580
The weekend just gone was full of car boot fairs (bargain clothes and toys for Athena mainly, and a hiking baby-carrier rucksack for £5! We also spent Sunday eating ice cream and BBQing with friends. I managed a full cooked breakfast, a bbq lunch and leftover Chinese takeaway for dinner, interspersed with FOUR ice creams and a slice of birthday cake. Impressive eh, that ladies (and gents?) is why I am not a size 10 and probably never will be again! I’ve also been getting excited about my baby free holiday to Marrakech in November (so long away) and instead of dieting I plan to get a big beachy cover up instead. Who needs abs and thigh gaps anyway? Anyway, Athena got to hang out with her best buddy, and so did Sam and I, so all in all a good weekend!
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So this seems to have turned into a recap of the whole month so far, which means it is long but hey, who cares! I keep meaning to sit and write some blog posts but somehow the lure of Game of Thrones (I know, late to the party but I have almost finished season 3! has been too much! I am also watching Devious Maids, which is a terrible cross between Desperate housewives and pretty little liars… annoyingly addictive! Anyway, I have a few posts planned in my head…one about going back to work (boo!) 7 weeks and counting.
What have YOU all been up to? do tell, I’d love to know and am so far behind with blog reading that I feel like a ‘mark all as read’ situation may well be about to occur. I do love reading what you all write, I promise! It’s just babies are so time consuming when they are almost a toddler and no longer a baby and I don’t want to miss a thing she does so my laptop and phone are not top priority when she is awake, and Sam is now working much less late shifts and we’re actually getting to spend time together for the first time in what seems like years!
Over and out…

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4 thoughts on “The sun has got his hat on…

  1. Aww it looks like you’re all having so much fun and making the most of the lovely weather! Hope Athena’s eye is getting better xx

  2. Looks like you’ve had lots of fun in the sun! You’re looking amazing 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  3. Yeah I’m over the size 10 dream too as I just love food too much too. Ellis is a sponge sucker and has recently been doing some number twos in the bath as well so not such a great combo!

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