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A month ago we started sleeping on a new Memory Foam mattress from Dormeo. The mattress itself is thinner than a sprung mattress but as you lay on it still feels supportive, even for my husband who’s a lot heavier than me! He was initially a little sceptical when he saw that the mattress was thinner than our other one but we’re both converts now! Sleeping on it does take some getting used to as there’s obviously less bounce than a sprung mattress. Currently I have to clamber into bed from the foot end as Arlo’s cot is alongside it, so that’s a bit trickier without the bounce to help but I’ve  got used to it now! The lack of bounce means that when one of us moved the other is less aware of it too, which is great with a husband that often comes to bed after I’m asleep and a wife that is up and down doing night feeds with the baby!

As for actually sleeping we’ve both found we were feeling hotter during the night at first but we adjusted within a week or so and from some reading online I’ve found this happens to a few people! The memory foam moulds to the contours of your body to support it in any position you sleep in. The ecocell foam is designed to retain its elasticity and provide better air circulation too. 

The top layer of the mattress has silver fibres sewn directly in, and silver has natural anti bacterial and anti-odour properties which will help to eliminate any nasty odours caused by moisture. It also has an anti static shield to protect the mattress from dust particles which may cause allergies. There is a 2cm layer of memory foam sewn directly into the cover for added comfort too!

Dormeo recommend this type of mattress for people who suffer with bad backs as the responsive surface maintains the alignment of the spine, thankfully neither of us have back problems but it’s something to think about if we did!

Impressively the mattress arrived in a rolled parcel rather than flat, which made lugging it from the front door to the bedroom so easy compared to sprung mattress. You need to let the mattress settle for 12 hours once you’ve unpacked it before you sleep on it. It has handles on the side for easy manoeuvring, and is much lighter too. The fact that it doesn’t need flipping every few months is an added bonus!

Dormeo offer a 15 year guarantee on all their mattresses which shows they’re really confident in what the produce and sell, plus a  60 night comfort guarantee.

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We were sent this mattress for the purpose of this review, all opinions and words my own.

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