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Frankfurt isn’t top of the list of German cities to visit, but I think it should be! I went in 2012 for three days with Sam and we didn’t get to do everything on our list! I’m sharing some photos from our visit now as part of the #NoFilter campaign with London City Airport (you can read more about the project here) and all of these photos were taken with a point and shoot camera as I didn’t have a DSLR then! The aim of the game is to show how fantastic Frankfurt is without the need to mess about with pictures, no slapping instagram filters on or playing with curves in photoshop!

I find that looking at your surroundings from different angles can really help to get a good photo without the need to edit. Sit on the ground, look at the ground! Get high up, whatever works! Thankfully in this day and age of digital photography you can snap away till you get the perfect photo, and sometimes the ones that you think won’t turn out okay are the best ones! Here are a few of my favourites from my trip to Frankfurt.


A view of the sunset through the snow filled clouds over the River Main.

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Padlocks on the Eiserner Steg Bridge, a pedestrian bridge. It was utterly freezing when we were there, and had snowed the day before! We added a padlock to the thousands already there, then spent a fun half an hour looking at the inscriptions on everyone elses!


Whenever I go to a new city I like to try and get as high up as I possibly can so I can get a proper birds eye view of the City. We went up to the viewing platform that sits right on top of the Main Tower, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city and the only one that is open to the public. We had fun pointing out where we thought the hotel was, looking down ad the protesters next to the giant Euro sign (Frankfurt is the biggest financial centre in Europe) and watching the trams trundle around the city like tiny little caterpillars weaving around! There was also a viewing platform on top of the myZeil shopping centre, and we had drinks at  the 22 Bar Lounge, on the 22nd floor of another sky scraper! Told you I like high up places!



We spent time in Old City, visited the Romer square, the Zoo, the Explora museum and the Jewish Museum. We spent the night of my birthday getting a little bit tipsy on Apfelwein in the Sachsenhausen district, which was my favourite area and it was fun to follow the apples in the cobbles! If I was going to edit a photo it would be to get rid of the cigarette butts in this photo but they represent a snapshot in time so it’s fine that they’re there!

You can buy a ‘Frankfurt Card’ to let you travel for free on the trams, buses and trains plus a 50% discount at the major museums too, definitely worth it if you plan on cramming as much into your trip as we did!

This post is an entry into the #NoFilter Frankfurt competition,  judged by Harriet Baskas, editor of the StuckAtTheAirport.com.





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  1. So nice to see your post:) Love the sunset! I also participated in this project, though I have more stories to tell than great shots to show:)

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