Essential Tools to Keep Your Garden Green All Year Round

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Gardening is rarely seen as a year-round pursuit. However, while the spring and summer months are often seen as prime time for the green-fingered, you shouldn’t neglect your garden in the autumn and winter months. Keeping your garden vibrant and well-maintained throughout the year is possible but it’ll be much more manageable with a decent set of tools. 

Whether you’re pruning, planting, or mowing, the right tools not only make the work more efficient but also more enjoyable. With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the essential tools you’ll need to keep your garden looking as sharp in November as it does in June.


Pruning Shears: The Gardener’s Best Friend

Pruning shears, also known as secateurs, are vital for controlling overgrown plants and shrubs with deft precision. These handy tools let you trim back foliage, cut back dead or diseased branches, and shape your plants. A good pair should be comfortable to hold, durable, and sharp enough to make clean cuts. If a saw is a roller, then pruning shears are definitely a paintbrush for making more delicate and refined cuts.


Hand Trowels: Perfect for Planting

A small, handheld trowel is ideal for digging small holes, transplanting seedlings, and planting herbs and flowers either in pots or in the ground. Look for a trowel with a sturdy handle and a durable blade that can cut into your soil like butter whether it’s heavy clay or light sandy soil. 

Saw: Essential for Large Garden Management

For those with larger gardens, a robust wood-cutting tool is crucial and it doesn’t get much more robust than a quality saw. Whether you need to trim back tree branches or cut down overgrown rose bushes, a garden saw can handle the tasks that pruning shears might not be capable of. 


Hoe: Tailored to Your Garden’s Needs

Ok, this one is a bit misleading as not “every” gardener needs a hoe. If you have a vegetable garden, however, a sturdy, wide hoe is ideal for clearing weeds and preparing the soil. For those with smaller and more conventional gardens, meanwhile, a thinner, more delicate hoe is better suited for navigating around plants without damaging them. 


Lawnmower: Keeping Your Grass Green

Again, if you don’t have a lawn then you obviously don’t need a lawnmower but if you are lucky enough to have a nice spot of green grass, there are dozens of options to consider. From old fashioned manual mowers for small patches of grass to more powerful electric mowers for big family gardens, there’s bound to be a lawnmower for you. If you really fancy living in the future, meanwhile, why not consider a robotic lawnmower? They’re all the rage in Norway!

Photo by John Bogna on Unsplash

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