Securing Your Lasting Impact

Many people want to make a lasting impact on the world around them, especially after they are gone. To ensure that you are not forgotten as soon as you die and that you can continue to make the world the place that you want it to be for many years to come, here are some steps that can secure your lasting impact. 

Start Up a Good Cause

The first option that you have to secure your lasting impact is to start up a good cause. To do this, you should think about the change you want to see in the world and the causes you are most passionate about. You should also think about any gaps that you see in the charitable sector. Additionally, you might consider experiences in your own life or encounters that you have had that you wish had been different. These might inspire you to find a cause that can dramatically impact the world in the future, and that can be run by your family or a team of employees after your death. However, before you start up your own charity, it can be useful to have experience in business or finance. 

Have a Donation Made in Your Memory

Sometimes, you might be unable to make much of a donation to a good cause during your lifetime, especially if you are strapped for cash yourself. If this is the case, you should consider having a donation made in your memory once you are gone. To do this, you should speak to a trusted relative about setting this up in the future. This will allow a donation to be given to a charity that you love and have chosen even when you have no more control over your money. This could be a charity that has helped you in your final months or days. For instance, you might ask your family to donate in memory with Macmillan, a cancer support charity. You might also ask for a memorial bench to be built in your honour in a favourite spot, meaning that everyone will remember you when they sit down on it and that you will continue to be present in the world in one small way. 


Pass on Your Knowledge 

Over the years, you might have built up a wealth of knowledge about specialist subjects and about the world that will die with you. To prevent this from happening and to make sure that your knowledge can be used for good causes in the future, you should consider passing it on. You can do this by taking on a dedicated and enthusiastic mentor, which is especially easy to do if you run a business. You could also consider simply telling your loved ones everything that you have learned over the years, or writing it down in a book or autobiographical account that can be read by anyone who is interested and who wants to reap the rewards of the information that you have gathered. 

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