Everyday Us: Athena and her best friend



Athenas best friend is the daughter of one of my best friends and they were born exactly a year apart, Athena is the younger of the two but they are about the same height. When I think back to when she was about three days old and her parents came over to visit this tiny bundle the size difference between them seemed so huge, but now, three years later Athena is a proper person and they can play together so much more than they have been able to before. We went camping all together last month¬†and these two girls were inseperable. Athena was upset that she couldn’t go and sleep in J’s tent with her, that’s how close she wanted to be! They spent most of the weekend playing ‘mummies and babies’ and this phrase was the most spoken of the weekend:

‘I know! Lets play mummies, I’ll be the baby and you be the mummy’

On occasion they’d deem it acceptable for Arlo to play, and for them both to be parents and him to be the baby. He loved it though, and is very tolerant of being dragged about by two enthusiastic three and four year olds! The rest of the weekend was spent wearing fairy wings and waving wands in the wood.

I really hope that they continue to stay close as they grow up, we’ll definitely still see a lot of each other as Sam and I are such good friends with her parents (I’ve known her mum since we were six, we went to school together and lived opposite each other!) but the girls won’t be going to the same school as we live in different towns.

Athena does have a lot of other friends, but J is the one she will always pretend to ring when she picks up a phone… the sure sign of a bestie if ever there was!

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