Everyday Us: Magic Lightbulbs

Athena thinks that Daddy is magic. Daddy actually isn’t magic at all, but he has been using his phone to turn on and off the light bulbs in our house (we have ‘hive’ running our lights and heating) without Athena knowing. She thinks it is the best thing ever that he can point at the light bulb with one finger and it will turn on! Then click his fingers and it goes off! The simple pleasures of little minds… I love that she believes in magic!


Everyday Us posts are little observations, stories or snippets of our every day life. Things I want to be able to remember when I am old and grey.

3 thoughts on “Everyday Us: Magic Lightbulbs

  1. Oh this is so lovely and I can totally see why she thinks this is magic. (It also sounds quite cool too haha!) I love the idea behind this, the little observations, stories and snippets of every day life are definitely going to be the ones that we will remember in years to come. x

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