Fashion Questions #2

[Continued from my last post, as I am still on my holibobs!]

  6. A pair of pants that aren’t jeans.

Leggings is a close as I get to ‘pants’ (obviously if I took this literally I could show you my knicker drawer…?) apart from a couple of pairs of suit trousers that I’ve not worn for over 2 year. I’m not putting them on for a picture, I don’t even know why I am keeping them really. I am not going to take a picture of me in leggings because I reckon you all know what they look like eh?

7. A cute outfit of yours.


urgh, cute! How you do define cute? This was what I wore to my Christmas Party… (post here)

8. Your most expensive article of clothing.

Difficult one this, as I am a quantity over quality girl at all times! I honestly try to spend as little as possible on everything I buy, so I reckon this silk Zara dress is probably the priciest thing… around £50 I think. Oh, apart from my winter coat, which was also from zara and cost me £90.


9. A cute dress/ skirt.


again with the cute! I generally do not aim to look cute… but I might do here?

10. An outfit you wore on a special day.


A friends wedding, dress is from forever21

If you want the list of thirty questions please let comment with your email address & I will email them out!

7 thoughts on “Fashion Questions #2

  1. Lauren you always look lovely! I love your figure missy.
    The questions look really fun but I think my answers would be too boring, meh.
    love ya x

    1. aww thanks Sophie! No they wouldnt be! I’ll email them to you when I email them to Hazel and then you can decide xx

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