Fashion Questions #3

[part 1 & part 2 …I am back from holiday but as of today am on a 9 day straight at work so not sure how much I will be posting between work & reading the hunger games, and the backlog of blog posts from my week away… so tempted to click ‘mark all as read’ but scared I might miss a gem!]

11. A piece of jewellery that a Grandparent gave you.
My grandma left this ring for me in her will, but I wasn’t aware of it until I turned 18. It is ruby & diamond set in gold, and designed to look like a buckle.  You can see where the tiny pattern on one side has worn away, where her mother wore it against her wedding ring! I never wear this as I am so afraid to lose it, and I rarely wear gold toned jewellery! She also left me a watch, and a HUGE collection of crystal animals and thimbles, that she used to have in a glass display cabinet, with rotating shelves & I would spend so long watching them sparkle that she left them for me in her will. They’ve never been out on display since I inherited them though!
  12. A piece of jewellery that everyone complements you on.
Horse cameo on pearls… it is a guarantee that someone will comment on this when I wear it!
13. An outfit you wish you had.
Warehouse, I just like the girly skirt and the stripes really…
14. Cute socks.
I wear socks so rarely that the best I can do here is a pair of spotty socks that match some fleecy PJ bottoms (which I am taking on the boat to keep toasty warm!)

15. Your newest purchase.
These flamingo espadrilles, from Dorothy Perkins to wear on the boat (Well, not JUST on the boat obviously) my converse have started squeaking you see… highly embarrassing

6 thoughts on “Fashion Questions #3

  1. Your horse cameo necklace is a lovely one and your grandma’s ring is a pretty one. It’s nice of her to leave you her treasure.

    The ring is super cute, I always get left wedding rings in wills (don’t know why!?) and have a nice little collection going on, unfortunately I have tiny fingers compared to every else in the world ever so only one nearly fits me! oops


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