In which I find a patch of sun

SDC12674 SDC12684

Shorts: Gap, Top: Primark Cardigan: Peacocks, Scarf: Borrowed from Sister in law to be (she knitted it!)

 SDC12681 SDC12683 

SDC12680 SDC12689

I wore this at some point on my holiday, lots of layers to add/subtract depending on the sun/wind/rain (I also was sporting a rather fetching waterproof jacket (which was a bargain 14.99 from tk maxx boys section, it even has a name/school/class label!))

I was chasing this stupid top down in my local primark, but they never had it my size, which was okay as I was on a spending ban. But then on the way to Norfolk the person driving us stopped off at Lakeside and whilst they were all in Vodafone doing technical things and buying ipads I had a quick nip into primark (I was on holiday so the spending ban was cancelled, obviously) Lakesides primarni only had it in a size 8 so I bought it with my fingers crossed and it was fine when I put it on a few days later so HURRAH for primarks weird sizing.

A few days after that, it was a rainy day when we docked up in Norwich so I had another stroll round the shops and found this amazing cardi in Peacocks for £9! (alas it is the same colour as this skirt, so I cant wear them together for fear of looking like a very large green thing)

Any illusive item that you really had to have but just couldn’t find? did you manage it or give up?

2 thoughts on “In which I find a patch of sun

  1. love your green cardi! I am forever trying to find the perfect skinny combat trousers and not found them yet. Great sign too!

  2. I love that top. It was worth hunting for! I’m always trying to find skinny jeans that fit right! There was also a long pussy bow butterfly blouse in topshop a couple of years ago that I’ve never got over not getting! I still occasionally look for it on eBay. X

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