Finally a comfortable night…

Our bed and mattress are around 5 years old now, and have almost seen me through two pregnancies as well as accommodating a larger than average husband too. We do turn the mattress frequently but as it wasn’t a particularly pricey one the begin with it is definitely starting to get uncomfortable. Even though we have a mattress protector on under the sheet I can still feel those annoying little button things digging in to my hips if I stay in the same place for too long! When I got an opportunity to review a mattress topper from ‘mattress next day‘ I thanked the gods of blogging because it was something I had been thinking about looking into to try and extend the life of our mattress. With a new baby and all the associated costs sadly a new mattress isn’t top of the list!  After a phone call to confirm my address at about 4pm on Wednesday the mattress topper was delivered by courier around midday the next day, impressive!


When the mattress topper arrived in a roll I was initially sceptical as it didn’t seem very thick, but once we had unrolled it and let it spring back to it’s normal size and popped it on the mattress underneath the protector and sheet I changed my mind. Not so thick that your sheet will ping off at the corners or edges it still gives enough depth to make a very noticeable difference to how the bed feels when you sit or lay on it. The topper is mad from memory foam, and is supplied ‘as is’ ie with no cover. The depth is 2.5cm which may not seem that thick but as I said makes a difference. The bodyheat you radiate when you sleep helps the foam mould to your body and supports it, so you get a more comfortable nights sleep.  A new baby does mean more time in bed (well, more time awake in bed doing night feeds etc!) so a bed that is more comfortable and helps us get a better nights sleep is definitely welcome!

I can’t feel the nobbly buttons on the mattress AT ALL, and even my tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable with a gigantic bump is a lot more comfortable and I actually seem to be sleeping for longer between toilet trips which is a wonderful change from the last five months! The only issue I have is the smell, which faded after about 48 hours, it wasn’t unpleasant though, a sort of ‘new thing’ smell is all, plus this was mentioned on the website. I do find that I get a bit hotter than normal overnight but I’m sure that this is an adjustment period whilst my body gets used to sleeping on something a bit different!

Mattress Next Day sell a wide range of beds and mattresses as well as toppers too, all delivered (yep you guessed it!) the next day! The topper for our bed is King sized and is currently on offer at £34.99 instead of £69.99 and in my opinion is worth every penny, especially if it means you can prolong the life of your mattress and not buy a new one!

I was sent a mattress topper in exchange for a review, all opinions and words are my own.

2 thoughts on “Finally a comfortable night…

  1. This looks like such a great invention. We need a new mattress but I’m now thinking maybe a topper would give it a new lease of life x

  2. I have just purchased an expensive tufted matress from bensons for beds and have not had a good nights sleep since due to the hard plastic under the tuffs sticking in my hip have had to buy a matress topper for comfort and am not happy they they did not tell me this could happen and dont think they should have sold it to me due to the fact that l had told them l have hip problems. Been told l can send it back but have to pay extra 10% towards the new one and another delivery charge of £45 and if the matress is cheaper than the original l don’t get a refund considering I was missold an uncomfortable matress l am not happy .

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