What’s in the hospital bag for baby!


It’s much more fun packing the baby bag than the mama bag (but you can see what’s in my bag for a C section here) and I think I’ve re packed it about 3 times now! I’m using a lovely big Stokke nursing bag to fit it all in and am probably packing more than we’ll need but better to over than under pack!

Here’s what I’ve packed:

  • 7  vests (some long sleeved with fold over bits and some short sleeved)
  • 2 sleep suits with no feet (Athena had super long legs and we had to cut the feet off the first size sleepsuits!
  • 2 bundlers (like nighties with elasticated bottoms for easy changing
  • hats & scratch mitts (which I doubt will get worn, they didn’t with Athena!)
  • Pack of Muslins, a jersey blanket and a knitted blanket
  • 2 cardigans
  • Wipes, a Totsbots teenyfit in birthday print and some disposables for those first few poops (and so Sam doesn’t have to cart too many dirty nappies home with him whilst I’m staying in hospital
  • hand sanitiser, nappy bags & spare tote bags for dirty clothes (both mine and his!)

The navy star vests/hat/blanket are from M&S, and the panda sleep suit was from F&F but everything else was Athenas I think as we didn’t know she was a she so nothing was too girly in the first sizes!

The first vest/nappy/hat is in a separate little bag so we can just grab it easily to dress baby once we’re ready to, so we don’t have to have loads of bags open to dig around in all at once. I’ve put this ready together with a nighty and some big pants for me for when I can take off the hopsital gown and the ECG sticky pad things once I’m recovered!

Am I missing anything drastic? It’s not even been two years since I was doing all this for Athenas arrival but it seems like so long ago!

2 thoughts on “What’s in the hospital bag for baby!

  1. We have only just begun planning for the delivery day. On our list of things to pack, we completely forgot to pack anything for the baby 🙂
    If you got any feedback on anything you missed, I’d be grateful to hear about it?


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