First trimester pregnancy essentials

So the first trimester is over, finally! I wanted to write a bit about what I deemed as my ‘essentials’ for the first trimester of pregnancy as a bit of inspiration to anyone else, if it’s needed.

Migrastick – I used to suffer from really bad migraines, they got a lot better during my first pregnancy and started to come back in the last 6 months or so. I’ve only had a couple of headaches this pregnancy but not being able to kill them dead with an ibruprofen (or sometimes cocodamol!) is a pain! Months ago I was sent the migrastick to review, but then didn’t have a headache for ages, but when I found it during a bit of a clear out I popped it in my handbag and have used it several times now during this pregnancy, especially when I was dehydrated with food poisoning! It has a cool minty scent and feels really refreshing when rolled on, it’s absolutely tiny too so easy to pop in your pocket or bag.

Sleep – Something I did as much of as I could. On non work days I had a nap during one or both of Athena’s naps, and she generally still has two naps a day or around two hours each! I seriously felt more exhausted than I remember feeling last time, though first time round I think the excitement of planning a wedding kept me going, and I wasn’t chasing about after a toddler either! The exhaustion is lessening now, thank goodness!


Theraline plushy moon pillow – I found one at a bargain price on amazon, after reading rave reviews of them on other peoples blogs. My bumps not at the stage where it needs much support yet but I do find popping one end of the pillow between my knees helps me get comfortable overnight, and it’s great for propping myself up to read with before bedtime too! I’m hoping it will fit in my case to Morocco as i’m not sure I’ll cope without it by then! Athena loves it too


Mumkind – ‘Water Our Way’ and ‘Ginger me baby lozenges’. This lovely bundle was sent to me after a well timed email from Mumkind as I’d not mentioned my pregnancy online yet! The little bottles of water enhancer are perfect for at-work pick me ups, especially as I have a ready supply of carbonated water on tap at work! It makes ensuring I’m drinking the right amount of water to stay hydrated much easier as with a quick squirt it’s a berry flavoured fizzy drink! The lozenges are great for when you get that queasy feeling so often associated with the first few months of pregnancy… ginger and camomile help to soothe and reduce the nausea! They’re individually wrapped too so you can pop a few in your pocket for whenever you need them. They also sell nutrition bars and a bedtime drink, and sell a range for post-baby too!

Various Oils and body butters – I still had a few half finished tabs and bottles from last time round so I’ve been slathering things on my bump when I remember to! I was pretty lazy about this last time round and probably will be this time too, but just as my stretch marks have faded almost to invisibility from before I expect they will return with a vengeance in a few months!

Healthy food – Yes I’ve been eating the odd biscuit (or magnum, or tub of Ben and Jerry’s…) every now and then but I have also been craving vegetables and healthier meals. I can’t remember the last time I cooked chips at home, and actually feel a lot better for eating my (almost) 5 a day! Hopefully it will help with the weight gain (or hopeful lack of) this time round.

What were your first trimester pregnancy essentials?

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