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When we (eventually) move into the home we’re buying we know we’re going to have a bit of work on our hands. We’ve had the luxury of living in a flat that is only a few years old, with really decent insulation all round. We’ve not yet had to turn the heating on and it’s almost the end of November! We also have a flat beneath us so get a lot of heat from them too I expect, as well as a nice warm thick carpet! The new place has a semi commercial property beneath it so I can’t imagine they’ll be leaving their radiators on overnight and giving us the luxury of some borrowed heat!


The kitchen flooring we’re hoping to do first as it’s the heart of the home and all that, but really because it’s a bit of a state. There are some long cupboards with stained pine doors but we’re hoping to modernise the units and work tops. I’d love a light coloured flooring in there and think laminate flooring would look nicer than vinyl, although the room is sort of L shaped after laying the laminate underlay, we’d have to make sure the lengths were laid the right way to make it easy to follow the flooring around. I prefer to look of thinner ‘planks’ as opposed to wider ones, but imagine they’d take longer to put down as there are more of them. Who knows, this is going to be a bit of a learning curve for me I think! The gold toned vinyl in the middle there is designed for heavy use, so would be ideal to use in the play room and the kitchen/diner and would help the two rooms run into each other as they’re adjoining.

The new home has got fairly old carpet from what we can remember when we’ve viewed it, and I’m fairly sure the kitchen and bathroom flooring wasn’t in a particularly great state either! It’s also being rented out at the moment so who knows what state it’ll be in by the time they’ve moved evacuated the place! In an ideal world we’d have carpet in the bedrooms and the living room, but something wipe clean in the kitchen/diner and play room because anyone who has kids (or who has met my husband) knows things end up on the floor more frequently than not!


Carpetwise I’d like something darker than the cream that we’ve been living with for the last two and a half years, because I have spent a small fortune in carpet cleaning spray and cloths sponging up spills like a mad woman! I’m leaning more towards lilacy or heather hues but Sam would prefer navy or blue. Personally I think blue makes rooms feel a bit cold so I will do my best to get my way! Obviously a nice thick carpet underlay would be required to conserve heat and to get that nice springy feeling, oh and to stop whoever works downstairs from feeling every bit of lego that gets thrown or drinks bottle that gets dropped!


Finally the bathroom, it’s a fairly big room so I think vinyl tiles would be the cheaper option there, and would be better suited to getting soaking wet which is always what happens anytime we put the kids in the bath! I’d like a simple black and white colour scheme for the bathroom when we get round to doing it up, so there are actually oodles of choices for tiles that would fit! The glory of vinyl flooring is that it’s easy enough to measure and fit a floor yourself with a ruler, a stanley knife and some adhesive! Well, I hope so anyway! I’ll keep you posted… I think I prefer the middle geometric style tiles above, but the mosaic always makes me think of a spa… not  that my bathroom is every very spa like as it normally has a clothes airer in it!

Too much to think about really, I just want to get the keys in my hand and get planning properly really! Please feel free to leave me any floor laying tips… and don’t say get someone else to do it as I don’t think that’s an option!

This is a collaborative post, all words and opinions are my own.


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