Fortnum & Masons Christmas Arcade & win a hamper! [ended]


A Christmas tradition for us is visiting a festive market or display of some kind (last year it was Winter Wonderland) and top of this years list is visiting the Christmas Arcade at Somerset House in London, which is a pop-up version of Fortnum & Masons flagship store! Overlooking the stunning skating rink it is a gorgeously decorated and decadent shopping extravaganza. It will be full of festive treats from candles to china, stocking fillers, games and of course lots of delightful food and drink options!

There will be 15 rooms to explore and celebration of the collaboration Fortnum’s has created an exclusive, limited-edition range of Skate at Somerset House products, only available on site including a classic silver skate charm, skater’s mini-hamper and hand-painted commemorative bauble.

Open late until 9pm on Tuesdays and 8pm for the rest of the week (apart from Sundays when you can shop till 5.30pm) you can visit until the 11th of January, for free! Hopefully we’ll make it up with Athena before Christmas, as well as visiting Somerset House we’d love to show her all the lights of Regent Street too!

Fortnum & Mason are arguably known best for their hampers, and they are very sweetly offering one of their new Frost Fayre Hampers to one of my lucky readers! It retails at £250 and I dare you not to read the list of goodies included without your mouth watering!

Inside you will find Sparkling Strawberry Preserve and Christmas Shortbread, Silver & White Sugared Almonds and our indulgent Mulled Wine Chocolate Hazelnuts.
Look deeper to find Champagne, wines and Silver Bell Crackers glinting inside.

Happy entering! Please do note that the winner will be contacted on Tuesday the 16th and will need to reply within 24 hours with their details to ensure that F&M can get the hamper to you in time for your festivities! Delivery to UK addresses only.

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This lovely prize is provided by Fortnum & Mason and I have not been compensated for this post.

360 thoughts on “Fortnum & Masons Christmas Arcade & win a hamper! [ended]

  1. We’ve got loads but watching the kids put out santa’s sherry and mince pie and carefully selecting the carrot forRudolph is always a favourite. We usually go to the carol service on Christmas eve which is lovely too.

  2. On the Sunday closed to Dec 1st, we decorate out tree and home then in the evening we settle down to watch a Christmas family movie and get a takeway delivered!

  3. When my husband and I sit opening our presents with a glass of Bucks Fizz – I was going to say on Christmas morning but truthfully its more like early afternoon, coffee has to come first 😀 Thank you for the lovely giveaway and Merry Christmas ;o)

  4. Adults get to open our presents at 1 minute past midnight, with a glass of fizz 🙂
    So the focus can be on the children in the morning (well that’s he theory! )

  5. i always open the living room door and tell the kids ” hes not been” they all giggle and run past me to open their pressies , they are al in their 20s now and they still make me do it !!! 😀 christmas certainy brings out the child in them lol

  6. putting out carrots for the reindeer and mince pie for santa on christmas eve – then just leaving a little bit of carrot and pastry crumbs to be found on christmas morning

  7. Our favourite tradition is giving the kids a Christmas Eve hamper, which is stuffed with sweets & goodies, new PJs and a Christmas DVD. They think it’s the only present we get for them 😉

  8. Christmas always started on my sons birthday the 9th dec but then our grandson came along on the 6th dec so now it starts then. we put the tree up we have christmas plays and carol services to go to and fetes, lat but not least christmas eve when we all meet up now and swop presents and have hot pork and stuffing baps. it seems to be a rest on christmas day

  9. Telling my son aged 5 that the elves got carried away with the wrapping and have wrapped up the living room door – he then has to jump thru the paper to get into the room (door is obviously open!!).

  10. Every year since the children were very small, they chose their own Xmas decoration. Now as grown children, they have great memories of every Xmas tied in with that years decoration, and they can take their own decs to start their own tradition.

  11. We do elf on the shelve we started doing it last year and my daughters loved it so did it again this year, and will do so for many years now 🙂 it’s great as my daughters are so good as they think the elf is telling Santa everything especially if there naughty x

  12. Since having a granddaughter, it’s all about Santa! Writing the letter to Santa and sprinkling reindeer dust on the lawn so Santa and the reindeers know where to land. I wish we’d had reindeer dust when I was a child, it’s magical.

  13. Grandma’s Christmas Eve hugeeeee Pork Pie – even after moving I still make the 2 hour trip tovisit Grandma and take part in this family tradition (I don’t even like pork pie but it’s got to be done haha)

  14. What an amazing giveaway! My favourite Christmas tradition is going to all the local carol services. There’s nothing quite like singing carols and enjoying mince pies and mulled wine afterwards to get you in the Christmas spirit.

  15. My favourite is putting Elf on the TV, wrapping my presents and eating mince pies. Plus I might sneak in a few glasses of Prosecco while I’m at it – you’ve got to have some compensation for wrapping all the presents 🙂

  16. being woken up at ‘stupid o’clock’ for each one of us to open a christmas present at a a time – this ritual usually takes about an hour as each person savours the moment of opening their present and we all ‘ooh and aah’ – its always cold as its about 6.00 and the heating hasnt kicked in – but we’ve been doing it for years – and still do it – despite my children now being in their 20’s!!!!

  17. We go to a local village where they have an amazing light display and go to the bakery to chose a piece of cake each and come home and eat it on the sofa while watching a christmas film 🙂

  18. Every year we hide the childrens main present. First they have to open all their presents then we give them a treasure hunt with clues to find their big one. One year we stuffed a santa costume with newspaper and hid their presents in it, we also got Santa at Sundown Adventureland (theme park) to film a message saying look in the kitchen for your first clue. Great fun but as the years go by its getting harder to hide them x

  19. Love going to the Children’s Christingle Service at our church on Christmas Eve – it is the real start of Christmas for us and we then have fish and chips for dinner before carol singing and getting ready for Christmas morning 🙂

  20. Christmas dinner, the family together with no distractions, phones left in another room, tv off and just music on quietly in the back ground, a chance to enjoy each others company and talk and have fun

  21. Christmas present treasure hunt with the children – this year’s hunt theme is disney’s Frozen (as if you couldn’t guess eh). And btw, the kids started this family tradition two years ago after going to an Easter Egg Hunt and having a blast. They love running around the house working out where their presents are hidden and the so prezzie hunt usually ends with everyone happy and giggling.
    One of the this year’s clues is…You might find an Olaf to cuddle, somewhere in your mix n muddle; he could be your very own if you remember where your broomstick’s flown (older daughter dressed up as a witch for halloween).
    Another clue… Elsa’s worried so she starts to glow, she needs your help so quickly go; near the window to catch the light, under the begonias to your delight! (the kids help me water the plants sometimes so they know their names).
    The best part of this treasure hunt is that it gets the kids to work as a team figuring out the clues because alone they don’t know all the answers. Yay, no squabbling for a wee while!

  22. LOVE this giveaway, would be lovely to share with my fam. My face tradition is on christmas eve where we eat loads of snacky nibbly party food for dinner, mm!

    Sophie x

  23. I always cook a large gammon on Christmas Eve, and we have some for dinner. Then on Boxing Day, we have cold ham and Turkey with crusty bread and pickles.

  24. actually knowing the words. We get a mince pie and mulled wine after and its just such a lovely atmosphere. Im not a religious person but this gets me every year. says:

    Christmas Carol service the Sunday before Xmas. The church is always packed out and its lovely to hear every one singing and actually knowing the words. We get a mince pie and mulled wine after and its just such a lovely atmosphere. Im not a religious person but this gets me every year.

  25. Christmas is a personal thing. The Chritmas tree says a lot about a family, tall, thin, fat, round, artificial, real we all have some tradition. Traditionally very often we find ourselves saying Merry Christmas and All the very best for the New Year to complete strangers In the run up to Christmas, so with that in mind the next stranger you meet wish them a Merry Christmas and they should say it back in theory. Merry Christmas.

  26. We always have salmon and scrambled egg on christmas morning!… and don’t open the presents until after dinner! I thought that was normal until my husband said that’s mean! I can’t help it though, it prolongs the excitement!

  27. I love when my husband breaks up from work & then I know it’s Christmas!
    I love our lazy PJ day traditions, snuggling on the sofa watching Home Alone & eating LOTS of yummy food that’s bad for us!

    Perfect, love Christmas

  28. Going to church on Xmas day and trying my best to keep up with the carols…even though I’m mostly out of tune! Visiting family members on Xmas day and eating too much food and watching corny films!

  29. Putting sherry & mince pies out for Santa, and a glass of orange juice & carrot out for Rudolph… Then getting tucked up in bed and waiting to see the look on my children’s faces in the morning.

  30. My Christmas tree, which has decorations from all over the world, collected on holidays and as gifts from friends and family over the last thirty four years. It isn’t just a tree, it’s become a family history, packed full of memories.

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