Four Easy Living Room Crafts To Do This Weekend

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If you are looking for some fun ways to make your living room a little bit more interesting and unique this weekend, there are actually plenty of things you can do. You don’t have to spend days and days working on the living room to make it look great, you can spend just a few hours on day this weekend and make some cute little items to vamp up the area and make it feel fresh. Here are some fun and easy crafts to do this weekend in your home.


DIY cushions

One of the easiest DIYs you can do for your living area is to make your own cushions. There are so many different ways you can make cushions for the home and you can play around with cushion foam, different materials and funky colours. They are simple to create by simply sewing a case around some foam or braiding some material around it for a cute effect. You can find lots of ideas online so this can be a fun project for a lazy Sunday.


A patterned feature wall

If you are sick of your walls and you want to vamp them up a little bit without having to repaint and redecorate the whole room, there is a super simple hack you can use this weekend. Get yourself a large piece of lace or textured fabric with a pattern you like. Paint a light coat of paint which is a slightly lighter shade than what you already have on the wall. Starting in the top left corner, press down the material to the wall and pull away revealing a lovely pattern on the wall. Continue the process along the entire wall and you will feel a sense of renewal in your living room.


Tile coasters

If you often have guests over to the home and you have boring coasters, there is a fun way to make a cute design feature for your coffee table which will only take you 10 minutes to do. Find some old bathroom tiles or tiles from your kitchen and you can use these to make some watercolour coasters. Grab a bowl which you don’t mind getting dirty, some room temperature water, some nail polish and a skewer. Choose a few colours of varnish you like such as pink and blue, and slowly drop them into the water. They will create a bullseye effect to start with, and you can use a skewer to make a watercolour pattern. Once happy. Place your tile face down on the water to pick up the varnish, wait a few seconds and use the skewer to pick up any varnish which is still floating around. Leave to dry and voila!


Artwork for the wall

Do you enjoy art? If you do, and you have been looking for a reason to create some new art for the house, now is the ideal time. Get yourself a canvas from the local craft store this weekend and spend the afternoon painting. You can paint something complex or simple make a wash of colours and this can be hung up on the wall to create some life in the room.


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