Four things I’d love in my future garden

Top of the list of ‘things our next home needs to have’ is a garden. It doesn’t need to be a big one, it just needs to be some outdoor space, with enough room for a table and chairs and some space for the kids to run about in. I’d love to be able to do messy play outside, let them climb, jump and practise gymnastics, eat outdoors in the summer and maybe even work out there myself! A lovely shady but bright corner with some decking and somewhere to set up my laptop would be the dreams!

Here are the four qualities my dream garden would have some comfortable garden furniture plus…

Somewhere to grow a few veggies

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting an allotment as there are a few near us, but not only are the waiting lists years long they’re a LOT of work and I think it would be easier if the kids were older and more willing/able to help out on it! Plus they’re not huge on actually eating veg yet either! But we would love to grow some of our own fruit and veg, ideally an apple tree and then perhaps some strawberries, beans and onions. Easy things!

Grass I don’t have to mow

I’ve always said that when we get a garden we will put down  artificial grass, as I know I won’t keep on top of the mowing and also it will save us having to buy a lawn mower! Also, you can vacuum artificial grass – how amazing is that! It doesn’t fade, grow patchy, track mud in the house or need watering either. There are so many different styles to choose from too, so it won’t look like a budget version of your school winter sports field with some naff astroturf sort of stuff!


Considering you only get about six months use out of a garden (give or take- weather dependent) I want it to look fun and a bit summery all year round – after all you have to look at it from your windows even in the deepest darkest winters! I’d love to paint the fence panels in colours rather than have them be just wooden panels, and maybe even paint the garden furniture in hues to match (or perhaps clash!) I’d like to add some coloured lights (Steph has just done this to her garden and it looks really good!) as well as other garden decorations – like funky bird feeders and plant pots. My mum used to paint her terracotta pots in metallic colours when I lived at home, so something like that would be a nice touch too.

Something for the kids to play on

I think they would love a trampoline as whenever we go to friends houses who have one they’re reluctant to get off it! I’d also love to get them something that combines swings and climbing, like Donna has in her garden. It would be so nice to be able to let them run about in the garden on the weekends and after school instead of having to find endless ways of entertaining them indoors! Also great for letting off extra steam and for stopping my sofas being their climbing frame!


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