A Frozen themed 3rd Birthday Party!



For Athena’s third birthday we decided to have a bit more of a celebration than we’ve had in the past, as I thought at three she is more likely to remember the day and can have a greater say in it too! This was the first time we hired somewhere for a party (well, apart from her Christening party, that we had at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, but that was because Sam worked there at the time!)  and one of my best friends had her daughter exactly a year to the day before Athena arrived, so we had a joint 3rd/4th party with her! Athena and her friend love Frozen (don’t most little kids!?) and when I was looking for a bouncy castle to hire I found one that did a full set of soft play bits and bobs as well as a bouncy castle all Frozen themed! We chose to have Frozen themed table decorations and balloons too, which helped to set the scene!

20160605_130028 softplay party2


Athena wore her Anna dress, although this did get swept up and tucked into her shorts for most of the day as it was hindering her bouncing and playing! A few of the other kids came dressed up, including Athena’s little boy chum from nursery in an Elsa dress, which I thought was brilliant! In fact there are often a couple of boys at nursery who are in dresses every week from the fancy dress box and I think it’s awesome that nobody bats an eyelid! Anyway, everybody seemed to have a lot of fun, although I am wary of sharing too many pictures with kids in that I don’t know as obviously some guests were not friends of Athenas but the other birthday girl. I think everyone had fun, all the food got demolished and pass the parcel was a success too! As we had the bouncy castle and soft play we didn’t do any other games apart from pass the parcel but I don’t think it was needed for kids this age as they were just happy running around in the sun!


My friends sister made a blooming awesome Olaf birthday cake and frozen cupcakes which went down a treat, and tasted amazing! The tableware, tableclothes and the hanging decorations were from partybagsandsupplies.co.uk, a sussex based company who kindly sent us a fantastic box of Frozen themed goodies like table cloths, baloons, napkins and plates etc to help set the mood! As it was such an amazing day weather wise we had the bouncy castle and soft play set up in the garden of the hall we had hired, but it actually got so hot that we moved the soft play shapes inside for the last half an hour as the kids were all flagging! We couldnt have asked for better weather, and it was the perfect last day before a week of chicken pox quarantine, as Athena came down with the pox the next day on her actual birthday! It turns out I held a pox-party completely inadvertently as kids are more contagious in the 48 hours before the spots arrive!



I think Athena absolutely loved her party, so I suppose I better start thinking about how we can top it for next year!

13 thoughts on “A Frozen themed 3rd Birthday Party!

  1. Oh wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much Frozen themed stuff in one place before. My girls would have been in heaven here. My girls are June babies so I think next year weather permitting I’ll get a bouncy castle for them
    Hope it was a great day for her xx

  2. That looks super fab and what lovely weather you had too! My little girl who is also there is so obsessed with Disney princesses and having elsa hair, I think us mummy’s secretly love it too 🙂
    Glad she has such a super birthday x

  3. What a wonderful party. I am sure Athena had a fabulous time. I love all the Frozen themed soft play equipment and themed party bits. You obviously went to a lot of trouble to make it a perfect day for Athena and her friends. Sorry to hear that Athena got chicken pox as a birthday present. But the idea of inadvertently holding a pox birthday party did make me giggle. Happy belated birthday Athena. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. Oh wow, didn’t you strike lucky with the weather – what a gorgeous party your little lady had! I’m in the process of planning my daughter’s 5th birthday party but it shall be a tea party at home this time (I must be mad!)

  5. Oh to be 3 again! Or young enough to get away with an awesome birthday party like this! We had Lambs 3rd birthday at our local soft play which meant no cleaning up for mummy! Xx

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