Stuff on a Sunday 56 – Chicken Pox and a rant


So, what have we done for the last week? Not a great deal really as poor Athena woke up on Monday (her 3rd Birthday!) with Chicken Pox! It meant we spent most of the week at home or at the beach where we weren’t risking spreading it about any more than we already had at her birthday party the day before we knew she had it! She dealt with it very well, although she keeps telling me she ‘neeeeeeeds’ calpol! She loved spreading the foam all over herself and it really did help as she didn’t scratch very much at all, Poxcillin I think it’s called? Anyway a week later and she has had no new spots since friday so I think we are safely un-quarantined! That is until Arlo gets it… 
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Talking of Arlo he has started walking properly over the last week, he was taking handfuls of steps here and there but speed crawling was his preferred method till this week, now he’s toddling all over the place and looking a bit drunk! Lots of videos on my snapchat if you’re into that sort of thing! (Belledubrighton, obviously!)

I am so grateful that we live so close to the beach that we can walk there whenever we need to, it was a godsend this past week with the weather being so lovely but the playgroups and parks we normally frequent being out of bounds for us! Athena missed her last day at nursery too, however they’ve been so lovely and said she can come in for a day next week instead to say goodbye to all her favourite friends and teachers there! I worked on Tuesday, Saturday and will be working tonight which meant that I did at least get to leave the house on my own a few times, Sam was working away overnight on thursday/friday so I did risk a run to the shops for supplies with the kids that day!


I have been mostly binging on The Good Wife on netflix and I finished that on Friday night, and because of that and cuddling my poxy pickle I’ve been quite absent from social media over the last week or so, but I enjoyed a little break and will be making a conscious effort to step back a bit. I did however have a little ranty ‘this is what I think of the news’ outburst on twitter last night which proved popular, and I might make it a weekly thing now! Read the image from the bottom up…


So, a pox filled week with lots of beach trips for us, how was yours?


11 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday 56 – Chicken Pox and a rant

  1. Chicken Pox is horrid, but it’s much better to catch it while small. I hope the spots are gone now. Well done Arlo on taking an interest in walking.

  2. Ugh, the news. The rape story is absolutely horrible, and I can’t understand the “20 minutes of action” defense. Are crimes only bad if they take a long time to commit?

    I do love these pictures of the beach and they’re making me really miss it! The weather looks gorgeous…especially the bright blue sky. And Athena’s hat is adorable.

  3. Love your twitter rant! I used to do it all the time but stopped as too many people I know started following me LOL I wish having those anonymous rants 😉

  4. Oh bless, I am a childminder and one of my charges had chickenpox a couple of weeks ago – I am on tenterhooks waiting for Sebby to get it but no sign yet – hope they are all on the mend now

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