Gifts ideas for baby: My 1st Years

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Athena was very kindly sent this sleep suit and hat gift set from My 1st Years and here’s what she thinks about it…
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When my mama opened this I got most excited about the box… until I saw her unwrap the tissue paper and saw what was inside! My very own name printed on a lovely soft sleep suit. I’m happy that there are not feet on this outfit as my feet are somewhat bigger than they should be and most sleep suits squish my toes up! I don’t mind mama putting me in this as it has 2 poppers at the neck so she can get it over my head easily, and then when she changes me there are poppers up both legs so no shoving of limbs required either! Even though the heart is stitched on it has a soft lining to ensure that the stitches don’t rub my sensitive skin, and the little bow is attached so well that I can’t pull it off even though I’ve tried several times! Plus there is a little hat to match, which is nice to wear now it’s getting chilly, although I don’t sleep in it… Oh, and I had a bit of a dribble session on this when I first wore it as my tooth is giving me jip, but when I next wore after it had been washed it was just as soft and still looked good as new which made my mama pretty happy too.

I’ve been told that my mama and dada have a few friends that are adding a baby to their family soon (yay, more friends for me!) and I’ve had a look through the website and picked out my favourites so we can send them something special when their baby arrives and we know what they’ve called him or her!

                  100% Organic Robe & Slippers gift set                        Girls floral 3 piece gift set
And because it is almost time to be thinking about Christmas presents:


Everything from My 1st years comes in a luxury gift box and you get free delivery on orders over £30 too!

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